ECi NGV Enterprise Resource Planning

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ECi NGV Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution

ECi NGV® is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed for office supplies dealers who require total integration and automation from quoting to invoicing.  ECi has been computerizing dealer businesses for over 25 years and has implemented in excess of 600 systems. NGV® was launched in the latter part of last year and ECi has already started implementing those systems.  NGV® is helping dealers consolidate costs and add to their bottom line by automating processes.  It has simple smart to navigate menus that is very simple for dealers to use. We have introduced electronic invoicing, and this alone, with electronic postage, has significantly reduced costs. We have also integrated NGV with Acsellerate®, our business information reporting tool and also with EasyOrder®, the dealer web ordering system.  You simply have a one stop solution to use.  Orders collected at the web site are processes right into NGV® and then you have the information thats available to you and your sales staff within Acsellerate®.  It really is a fantastic product for your business, allowing dealers to consolidate their costs and reduce their inventory.

Latest Technologies
Developed for Microsoft SQL Server with a Microsoft Outlook look and feel, ECi NGV runs on Windows XP/2003/Vista/ Windows7. This makes it easy to learn, run and maintain and can take full advantage of any new technology developed by MS which in turn allows us to enhance our software in response to modern day requirements.

We do not have a ‘one size, fits all’ approach. We treat each customer as an individual. We know the industry is made up of businesses of all sizes and our software caters for all dealers. We offer ECi NGV on three-tiers: ‘lite’ suitable for single-users or start-ups, ‘online’ for those businesses who do not want to manage their IT, and ‘enterprise’ for the larger businesses who has the expertise to manage a SQL Database in-house. We offer a simple migration path so you can upgrade/down-size to suit the needs of your business.