ECi EasyOrder Web Ordering System

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ECi EasyOrder Web Ordering System

ECi EasyOrder® is our corporate web solution, but its not just an order system, its an order management system. It's tailored to your requirements but the beauty of it is, it's very simple to implement, very low entry cost. Our largest clients are processing 1.2 million order lines per week. The system is tremendously robust. This has allowed clients to consolidate their inventory. It saves time, money and has introduced many efficiencies. It's inexpensive in comparison to some of our main competitors and we can onboard clients very quickly. That's because we have a very robust application that works to a basic system and then we tailor it for your specific needs.  The order lines flow through the system very easily.  We can upload images, promotions, we can even deal with different date/timeline orders. It's a simple application, simple to implement and very, very inexpensive.

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Welcome to the World of EasyOrder®

Are you looking for an effective e-commerce solution?

In modern business, suppliers increasingly want to have their own web shop. In the retail business, order management systems are gaining ground fast. Specialised wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers are finding that a web shop is becoming an essential service element; these days, customers want to be able to get their information and order products at any time and from any location.


A standard solution like EasyOrder® is the cheapest, most reliable and most effective way to implement an online order system. EasyOrder® is being used throughout Europe in a variety of industries, not only as a web shop for customers (B2B), prospects and consumers (B2C) but also for order management and optimization of internal procurement processes.


Over 600 companies and their 1.3 million users experience the benefits of EasyOrder® every day: error-free online ordering, data exchange and sending and receiving of transaction messages.

ECi Software Solutions

EasyOrder® is an e-commerce solution developed by ECi Software Solutions (previously known as e-Buzz bv). ECi Software Solutions is part of American software house eCommerce Industries Inc. with European offices in Cambridge and Lincoln in the UK and Amsterdam (Hoofddorp) in the Netherlands.