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 Steve Sabatini reviews the great year that ECi Software Solutions had in 2011! From product reviews to company growth, he discusses it all.

AcSellerate Analytics

 Acsellerate is an industry-leading technology service providing on-demand sales and business intelligence solutions. Acsellerate's suite of web-based analytics, advanced reporting and integrated CRM applications provides interactive information that empowers executives, managers and sales professionals to easily understand the effectiveness of their customer relationships and turn that insight into bottom-line results.


Fully integrated with most ECi business systems, Acsellerate analyzes your business data and highlights your best opportunities.  Whether the goal is to identify at-risk accounts, items and contracts causing margin erosion, or potential for category sales growth, Acsellerate can alert key users so they can take immediate action.


We worked really hard in bringing additional value with analytics. We were able to upgrade based on your reviews and comments and we feel that we were able to step it up a notch with AcSellerate. 

CRM Enhancements

Two years ago you'll recall that AcSellerate introduced CRM. We've continued to focus on that and one of the first things that we did at the beginning of the year was to bring you statistics and other analytic information right inside of CRM. You have sales statistics, margining statistics, what kind of customer purchasing behavior are there so you can go out there and make the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time.


It is an on demand, end user, customer reporting solution that you can bring to your customers. It's terrific for your customers, it adds tremendous value to you as you're trying to compete in the marketplace. If you haven't seen CXIntelligence, you definitely need to check it out.

Improved Infrastructure

We've improved our infrastructure as well by upgrading our servers and a new toolset that allows us to consistently and accurately pull your data.



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