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    The Needs of Your Office are Priority 1 at!

    Welcome to, where the needs of your office are our number one priority.  


    We’ve been in business serving the Southeast for over 50 years and are a debt-free, women-owned small business.  


    With a team of over 90 sales and customer service representatives dedicated to serving you, we are fully equipped to provide you with the best solutions for your business.  So what makes us different from any other office product company out there? Well, a lot actually. 


    Today’s office requires more than just pens and paper, which is why we aim to be your single source for all of your office supply needs.  In addition to your standard office products we also offer Cleaning and break-room supplies, office furniture and equipment, promotional products and managed print services.  We have furniture designers and installers on staff and product specialists to help you in all areas of your office.  And we excel with processing special requests and helping you source those hard-to-find items that are important to you, but may not be that way to our competitors. 


    We know how important price is to our customer, and a lower price should never compromise quality.  At FSIoffice we stock over 8,500 items, more than any other dealer in the market.  What does this mean for you? It means we can eliminate the middle man and save you money while delivering the highest quality of product. Let FSIoffice be your office consultant.  We want to get to know your needs and customize a pricing and service package that fits you.  We won’t try to fit you into a box – you are unique and we’ll treat you that way! 


    Another difference with us is our free delivery service on our own trucks with FSI drivers and with no minimum order, something that is hard to come by these days!  We have 9 distribution centers in the Carolinas and surrounding areas that allow us to serve you locally.  Speaking of local, that’s another way we provide you with outstanding service.  


    Our sales and customer service representatives and drivers are located throughout the areas we serve, adding a personal and local touch to your experience.  They strive to  understand your needs and make you their number one priority.  Spending your dollars locally also helps boost the economy of your local community.  


    And if you have locations elsewhere in the US, we can service them as well with a local office supply dealer from AOPD, the world’s  largest network distributor of office products.  Experience local service, nationwide!


    We also provide you with an easy to use online ordering system so you can place your orders anytime from anywhere.  


    By the way, thanks for visiting our site and while you’re here, take a look around, and feel free to place an order.  


    We believe our customers deserve the best products at the best price with the best service, and we make it our mission to deliver just that, because at FSIoffice:


    We’re in business for you.


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    Friendly online shopping personalized for you.

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    Track printer, copier & fax supplies by listing your machines.

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    One page to review orders, specify P.O., submit or save.

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    Select users to administer departments, locations & shoppers.

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    Real-time access for any help you need.

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    Personalized shopping in a professional experience.

    About Forms and Supply, Inc video at
    The Needs of Your Office Are Our Number 1 Priority!

    Community Outreach |
    We’re in the business of helping people. 

    Did You Know? video on
    Links to a lot of cool places on our website.

    National Accounts video at
    Partnering with other dealers to service accounts from coast to coast.

    Single Sourcing video at
    Single sourcing frees up time to focus on your scope of business.


  • Blue Cow Service is thinking beyond the big box.

    We do business the way you do business.

    Hi, this is Mark Porter.

    We here at Porter’s Office Products think beyond the big box.  I want to show you why you should think beyond the big box.  

    We take pride in our Blue Cow Service.  What is Blue Cow Service?  Blue cows are rare, just like our exceptional service.  When you call customer service, a machine won’t answer the phone, a real person will. 

    When our delivery driver comes and drops off your 50 lb. case of paper, he won’t simply leave it at the loading dock, he’ll put it right next to the copier, if that’s where you want it.

    Steelcase is the #1 office furniture company in the world and we are the exclusive dealer in south east Idaho.

    We provide furniture design and installation and can take your furniture project from concept to reality.

    My great grandfather started Porter’s in 1915, now I’m the 4th generation owner of this great company.  From my grandfather’s single store we’ve come a long way and we’re still headed in the right direction.  We do business the way you do business, we don’ tell you how to do it.

    I’d like to invite you to experience Porter’s Blue Cow Service, give us a call or go online to and let’s get started.


  • Community Outreach |

    We’re in the business of helping people. 

    Around here, we’re in the business of helping people.  

    Sure we have a product commodity we’re trying to sell, but we pride ourselves on doing business with respect and integrity. Whether it’s our customer on the phone, the person sitting at the desk next to us or a random stranger in our community, we do our best to make it a priority to meet the needs of those around us.  

    At FSIoffice, we organize numerous community outreach events throughout the year.  As part of our partnership with the Carolina Panthers we developed a teacher of the week program to recognize outstanding educators in our region.  The school supplies given to these individuals are just a small way we can say thank you for what they do for our communities.  We also work in conjunction with the rest of the office products industry to raise money for City of Hope, a cancer research center in Los Angelas.  We’ve learned how to get pretty creative to raise money for this cause; dunk tanks, shredding booths and cookbooks are just a few of the ways our team has stepped up to help in the fight against cancer.  We’ve also hosted food drives, blood drives  and sponsored local kids to attend the Old Spice Steve Smith ProCamp.  

    And that’s not all, our employees live in the areas we serve, working in the community where you live!  

    All of this isn’t just to toot our own horn, but to let you know that we understand the importance of giving back and see the opportunity to do so as a responsibility we are blessed to have.

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  • ECi Britannia™ Video

    ECi Britannia™ provides growing companies the essential tools  to compete in the e-commerce business by presenting customers with a customized online storefront website.

    ECi Britannia strives to be effective, not just efficient. Since 1999, they have continued to revolutionize the way businesses organize and access their immense files and data across multiple or one branch. ECi Britannia software is scalable for start-up businesses to $5 million+ companies, providing a clear path for future growth any sized business. One loyal customers stated “I needed a system that could handle the commercial side of the business, deal with multiple inventories and get us out of the IT business through use of a hosted system.”  ECi Britannia provides a fully integrated solution from point-of-sale, e-commerce, accounting, to customized reporting. This back office system accesses and constantly updates order entries, purchasing, receiving, invoicing, and distributes supply chain automation.

    The purpose of Britannia is to diminish the time spent on routine tasks so that the business can focus on more valuable factors to generate growth in their business. This management software incorporates all of the necessary tools, documents and reports into one interactive graphic page. In addition, it allows businesses to navigate seamlessly from creating quotes, choosing whether to fill orders from stock or back order and finding billing accounts. Through this system users are also able to do a competitively cross-reference pricing and skews of superstores. One loyal Britannia customer was thrilled that “Instead of having to wait three or four days for a sales report, [he] could get what [he] needed from Britannia in just five minutes or less.”

    Britannia provides self-analysis reports to enhance business’ by providing them a custom reports generator that gives them summary statistics, top locations, most profitable customers, calculate current inventory, daily snapshots, direct purchasing and inventory checking. To improve our fleet route efficiency across the board, we integrated GPS tracking and proof of delivery on the program.

    ECi Britannia has another unparalleled service, it is their reliability and guaranteed 24/7 live customer support. As the most responsive team in the industry, ECi Software Solutions provides extensive support and guidance the first 90 days of each companies short implementation schedule. They provide one-on-one on-site implementation, training classes, live webinars and tech support seven days a week.

    Connect your business to ECi Britannia today.

    ECi Software Solutions

    U.S. Offices:
    Corporate Headquarters (Ft. Worth)
    4400 Alliance Gateway Freeway
    Suite 154
    Fort Worth, TX 76177

  • ECi Connect Conference 2011

    Educate, Collaborate, Inspire

    ECi Software Solutions National Connect Conference 2011

    Held in downtown Fort Worth, TX, November 1–3, 2011. More than 800 attendees from eight countries participated, as well as 43 vendor partners of ECi. Connect Conference 2011 was a new venture as sessions were provided for all the business sectors ECi serves, rather than focusing on a single industry.

    Theme: ‘Educate, Collaborate, Inspire'. The goal of this conference was to ensure customers left feeling inspired and energized to leverage new technology in their business.

    Attendees got to meet fellow users of their software solutions and educate each other on best practices and problem solving. Learning how a peer uses the software is one of the best training strategies.

    Connect Conference provided attendees in-depth training on their specific software and also a chance to learn about solutions that integrate with their software. Additionally, attendees got to meet, not only fellow users of their particular software, but also users of the other solutions ECi provides.

    One of the many highlights of the conference was keynote speaker Jim Morris. His real-life story of 'an ordinary guy who experienced something extraordinary' is the basis for the Disney® movie The Rookie.

    ECi is now planning its next national conference for 2013.  This successful collaborative approach proves that business of all sizes and industries can learn from each other.

    About ECi

    eCommerce Industries, Inc. (ECi), is a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions. 

    ECi Software Solutions provides best-in-industry business and e-commerce software solutions for growing companies. For more than 30 years, ECi has served the manufacturing, office equipment, managed print services, office supplies, contract office furniture, business intelligence, lumber and building materials, hardware and jan/san sectors. Privately held, ECi is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, with offices throughout the U.S., Australia, the U.K. and the Netherlands.

    For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit, or call (800) 959-3367.

  • Introduction |

    Friendly online shopping personalized for you.


    Our web store gives you enterprise-class online shopping with: powerful search and filtering, organizational purchasing controls, secure checkout, and friendly personalized shopping options you'll love.

  • Introduction to

    Friendly online shopping personalized for you.

    Welcome! Our web store gives you enterprise-class online shopping with powerful search and filtering, organizational purchasing controls, secure checkout, and friendly personalized shopping options you'll love.

  • Mary Handley | Safeguard Business Solutions

    Safeguard Business Solutions distributor Mary Handley has spent the last 24 years in sales, both direct and channel management. Her customers range from governmental agencies and the franchise business market to daycare centers and grocery store chains. Mary has met with bank executives and accounting firms to small business owners, approaching sales from a multitude of different medias; from cold calling in the field and telemarketing to email marketing and networking.

    As a Safeguard Business Solutions entrepreneur and current business owner, Mary Handley is a provider of business solutions from multiple product lines-printed, promotional business, apparel, and directs these solutions to where ever her customers "pains" are. Mary gathers information from her customers relevent to the solution they are looking for, develops a campaign or works within the parameters of their campaign/event and finds the best solutions that are cost efficient and will drive customers to her customers! Mary is a relationship seller...She understands the commercial/consumer business markets, and knows how business owners approach purchasing, marketing their business and branding. She knows their issues-employees, meeting payroll, taxes and margins, as well as how they handle their receivables. Mary's recipe for success: Work hard, then harder!

    Mary has been described as passionately committed to the small business marketplace, and builds long-term relationships with her client's interests in mind, truly caring whether they succeed with everything she provides for them. Mary is a creative individual who exudes excitement. One of her favorite quotes is from Winston Churchill: "Never, never, never quit!" She takes this approach with her customers, and will never quit working hard for your business needs. Contact Mary Handley today!

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Mary Handley's specialties include:

    • Print and Promotional products industries
    • Marketing/Brand development
    • Sales/Channel Management

    Mary's honors:

    • Presidents Club 2009-overall sales performance and personal sales growth by percentage
    • Volunteer of the Year-Lewisville Morning Rotary 2009
    • Top 5 Rookie-2008


    Visit Mary's LinkedIn page

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    Dealers who sell office supplies, ofice products, office furniture, printer supplies, business equipment, business machines, contract furniture, jan/san, beverage and break-room supplies and other types of business products for office use.

    Video proFile® page is a profile for each video. Using analytic tools, we optimize its title, description and tags to match your video message to relevant search keywords and phrases, and submit them to Google, Bing and Yahoo for indexing.

  • OfficeShopper from A-Z Office Resources

    Stock up on all your office supplies anytime, anywhere!

    Download the AZOR OfficeShopper App today:

    App Store (iOS):

    Google play (Android):



    Using your mobile device, OfficeShopper makes ordering easy. 

    Scan item barcodes.                           

    From your supply room straight to the cart. 

    Review, edit and order.                               

    Order approval with one-click.

    Convenient Favorites feature.                                 

    Add frequently ordered items to Favorites for quick checkout. 

    Shop for your products. 

    And easily Add to Cart.


    Log in

    Stock up

    Scan items

    Stock up anytime, anywhere with AZOR OfficeShopper.



    A-Z Office Resources, Inc. (Account ID: AZOR)

    Phone: 1-800-851-0189

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Business Hours:

    Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Central Time

  • Online Shopping Easy and Efficient

    Enterprise-class online shopping with your Dealer Web Store

    Thanks to our partnership with ECi Software Solutions, our ECinteractive web store gives you enterprise-class online shopping with: powerful search and filtering, organizational purchasing controls, secure checkout, and friendly personalized shopping options you'll love.

    Your Local Business Products Partner

    ECinteractive understands your business because we are trusted partners in your community. We not only have access to one of the most powerful online web storefronts, but can service your needs as a trusted adviser because we understand your local community and your business.


    The check out feature in our web store is designed to be quick & easy. Review billing and shipping addresses, confirm order, specify purchase order number and add coupons or promotions all on the same check out page. You can also save your order at this point to place at a later date.

    Our Web Storefront

    ECinteractive is ECi's next generation Web storefront application. It runs on a platform designed from the ground up to provide dealers with a significant advantage in competing for online business.

    Customers find the innovative design and function very user-friendly.  ECinteractive also offers powerful search features, improved purchasing control and robust integration with your ECi business system. ECinteractive also incorporates advanced technologies like AJAX, Microsoft's latest SQL Server database architecture, and the Microsoft® .NET programming framework.

    The world-class search features makes buying easier for your customers. ECi worked closely with S.P. Richards and United Stationers to provide greatly enhanced search capabilities. United Stationers SmartSearch and S.P.Richards' Enhanced Content both let dealers offer their customers significantly better search capabilities. Benefits include powerful new search refinements to locate the best product choices, expanded categories to aid catalog browsing, and other shopping features such as side-by-side product comparisons and richer product detail. Product selling points, detailed attributes, warranty information, and alternative product choices will aid purchasers in making educated buying decisions.


  • AAA Business Supplies & Interiors | | Customer Support : 1-800-821-4430

    EZSolution gives you a professional, state-of-the-art online shopping experience. We are continually enhancing to make ordering supplies and managing your account easier or and faster. Contact us today to get started!


    Shop.AZORinc.comStart Shopping | Ordering supplies is easy & fast. Contact us today to get online shopping!

    Our web store gives you a professional, state-of- the-art online shopping experience. We are continually enhancing our site to make ordering supplies and managing your account easier or and faster. Contact us today to get started! | A-Z Office Resource | 1-800-851-0189



  •  Office supplies videos | Forms and Supply, Inc. | 800-532-0335

    FSI Office videos share insights, specials and experience available from Forms and Supply, Inc. 


  • Videos | Porter's Office Products | Blue Cow Service | 877-235-6998

    Porter's Office Products videos share the secrets to its unique Blue Cow Service, office products, office supplies, office furniture and the benefits and features of its progressive web store.