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    Hi, my name is Randy K. Burns. I am the owner of a computer consulting corporation that can help you with your IT support needs

    Whether those needs are wireless, whether it’s cloud computing, disaster recovery, or any form of strategic business planning, I can help.

    I have 20 years’ experience in the technology field.  Of that, approximately half is working with small businesses. The other half has been working with Fortune 500 companies all the way up to Fortune 50. 

    Every week I receive phone calls from customers that cover a wide range of problems.  The most common problems are wireless access, network access and configuration, security concerns, anti-virus, firewall, and just about every other part of the network I can help you with.  Whether you want on the phone support or you prefer me on premises, I can help you quickly.

    After about 12 years of working in the industry, I realized that what is missing from most technicians skill set is that they do not have the business education in order to understand how to apply technology to come up with a better business solution. Therefore, I went back to school and obtained why MBA from SMU.  That, with all of my experience, plus my certifications allows me to match technology to your business goals and your business objectives.  I can work with the C level executives and anyone else that’s on the staff.  They will learn very quickly that I can understand the problem, present it clearly and honestly, and provide a solution that is best for your business. 

    On any given day, I'm sure you're busy enough that you don't need to walk your IT consultant around and explain all the people that are involved and all the different things that need to be understood to solve the issue. With me, you can give me a brief overview and I can work with anyone in the company in order to understand the problem, the people that are involved, and come up with a solution, report back and solve your problem quickly. 

    My name is Randy K. Burns. 

    I have the technical skills, I can understand your business, and you can count on my integrity.

    I look forward to working with you.