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  • Perforating systems problem NOT penetration, it’s profitability!

    Perforating systems problem is NOT's profitability!

    John Hardesty, Principle Research Engineer at GEODynamics

    For decades, the perforating industry has focused upon cement penetration as the only measure of performance of perforating products…

    We didn't look at the shape of the tip…
    We didn't look at the condition of the sidewall…
    We didn't look at the amount of clear tunnel that was produced…
    We didn't look at the hole size and the change in the hole size 
    from the casing to the perforation to the middle of the tunnel to the tip of the tunnel and…
    We didn't evaluate how that perforation tunnel flowed.

    Unless, you address all of these factors in perforation design then you're not going to generate the product that delivers the best economical performance for the well.

    New Standards for Perforation Systems

    John Hardesty

    As we move away from evaluating perforation performance in cement, we have to develop tools to predict how these products are going to perform downhole…

    The Primary Factor

    John Hardesty

    The primary factor is the amount of open tunnel.

    This is affected by the rock that you're perforating, the system in the chart design, and also the conditions that you're perforating in…


    The GEODynamics Perforation Flow Lab compares flow performance delivered by computing systems using natural rock targets under representative downhole conditions, systems, techniques & scenarios.

    John Hardesty

    We've built a facility that is the best of its kind in the world…to give us information that we have no other way of getting…to make things that haven't been made before.


    …application specialists use state-of-the-art software to construct realistic simulations of your downhole opportunity…

    John Hardesty

    We start with a cylinder of rock, we apply stress to

  • Roofing consultants provide roofing & waterproofing services

    Roofing consultants provide full service roofing & waterproofing services

    Roofing Consultants -  Systems Building Envelope Consultants

    From USACE Whole Building Air Barrier Tightness Testing to the Prevention, Investigation or Resolution of Water Infiltration, our Building Envelope and Roof Consultants Help Get it Right—the First Time. All professionals involved in the design, construction and maintenance of commercial buildings understand that the majority of construction litigation is due to water infiltration.

    Hello, my name is Paul Beavers. I've been in the roofing and waterproofing industry for over 36 years. In 1999, I founded Systems Building Envelope Consultants. We're a full service roofing contractors and waterproofing company. 

    SBEC addresses water filtration issues on most properties such as lodging, commercial, and industrial properties. Typically we'll go out, we'll source out the problem on a roof or a wall, we'll determine what the solution is, we'll write a specification, we'll put out the bid to pre-certified contractors. Once the bids have been received by the owner and they've approved who is to perform the work, then we'll visit the job site on numerous occasions making sure that it's in compliance with the scope of work and the product

    Many times when we source out the problems, we use testing equipment such as capacitance meters, infrared cameras, spray racks, pressurized chambers, all of which we own and have certifications and the knowledge to perform these tasks. Using the latest technology in testing equipment typically saves our clients a significant amount of money. For example, if a client comes to me wanting to replace the flat room on the commercial property, I first consider if that roof is a candidate for an infrared scan, if it is then I perform the scan depicting the wet areas on the roof. We write a spec to extract those areas, have the roof replaced... This process saves our clients anywhere from $2-10 dollars a square foot on a typical roof replacement. 

    Another sector of our business involves air barrier consulting and billing performance testing. This is an industry that's been led by the US Army Corp of Engineers in the last five years. This testing will be a standard in all commercial construction in the future.

    So feel free to call Systems Building Envelope Consultants, or check us out online.

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