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  • Changing the Trajectory of Life with Rafael Alvarez

    Your past does not determine your future. 

    Changing the Trajectory of Life

    ...we all have moments in life when we are caught in this comfortable existence...a good job...a good life, and yet...deep down, we know that something's missing...

    ...What happens when millions of youth are going to inner city schools that are just ten minutes from downtown...... they can see the skyline from the window and it might as well just be a postcard...

    ...The only expectation in these communities is for people to get a minimum wage job and hold onto it for a few paychecks.

    ...they grow up believing that they can't enter, they don't want to succeed in the corporate world

    You have ideas, in life, in work, new projects, things that you want to do. And what's keeping you? Is it risk? Is it fear? Why is it that those ideas stay in your mind and never see the light of day? Is it that you need a catalyst? For me, that catalyst was September 11th...

    ...What if I gave him the skills and the mindset to enter the corporate world, to provide a valuable service to a corporation, during his senior year in high school...?

    ...I was just an average guy. I had never sold a product or service in my life... never started a company...never raised any capital to do anything, but I was passionate. I had an idea and I couldn't let that idea go...change the lives of just a few kids...changing the trajectory of their life is as simple as helping them realize what they truly can accomplish by pursuing a professional career. 


    Conscious Capitalism

    ...what difference could that make in this choice that he's going to make in the senior year of high school, which is going to influence the rest of his life? 

    ...If they only felt like a professional, what difference would that make

    I talk to company executives all the time. And what they all say to me is that their biggest barrier to growth is people...And, the funny thing is that, many times there's talent around us that we don't even realize...

    ...Hector worked in a Subway sandwich shop. He had absolutely no intention of ever going to college. He came into Genesys Works and he realized by working in IT in an electric company, that not only could he do IT, information technology, but the people around him were not any smarter than he was.

    ...Today at the age of not even thirty, he's a project manager in the server division of a major computer company earning more money than his family every thought possible...

    ...we celebrate the people who came from nothing and decided to work hard, to play by the rules, to contribute to society.


    Helping Others Change Trajectory

    ...right in front of our eyes, you can literally see this person's trajectory of life changing...

    ...we had a new intern start in our office...he was born in Ethiopia...Found themselves in a refugee camp in, somewhere in, Africa, for six years...he was in a refugee camp, you don't arrive in a house that is already built for you. You have to build your own. assigned to his internship, working in the national office...his first day at work, he came home and...found his mom...crying of joy, because her son was now a part of Corporate America...

    Everyone of these students... is discovering that they are smarter and they are more capable than they ever thought possible....

    ... When that happens and it happens well, it's magical...


    Inspiring Leadership
    .... what I discovered, is that I didn't need to have all the answers. I just needed an idea and I needed the passion to go through it. 

    ...If you see a problem that you are passionate about and you have a solution for it, don't wait until you have the answers because the fact of the matter is that you won't get the answers. If you see a problem and you can think of a solution, just do it.
    The good news is, there are concrete things that you can do during your job to have an impact on those around you...

    ...You are the true pioneers. You guys are the frontier people. You guys are breaking through, opening new paths...

    ...once a kid, a young man and woman, gets to experience success as a professional in the corporate world and realize that there is a different path, going back to a minimum wage job is just not an option... they grow determined to succeed in college. 

    ...we have got to work with schools to institute an environment where every single child goes through this educational system knowing that they can be a professional and that there's a much better life waiting for them. 

    ....research shows that companies with the strongest purpose, with the strongest impact, also have the strongest profits...


    Your past does not determine your future.

    The only thing that does is the decision that you make today...that is what really determines this trajectory of life that you're going to pursue.



  • Oklahoma State University Benefactor Pickens on SI Report

    Oklahoma State University Benefactor Pickens Statement on SI Report

    I'm Boone Pickens, a very loyal OSU Cowboy
    This series is not reflective of Oklahoma State University today. Many of the sensational allegations go back a decade ago. In the 1980s, I was asked to contribute to a slush fund to support questionable activities at the school. I refused. I’m not interested in cheating to win.
    There have been wholesale changes at the school in recent years in leadership and facilites. During that time, I have given more than $500 million to OSU, for athletics and academics. Have I gotten my money’s worth? You bet. We have a football program that has a commitment to principled sportsmanship. They understand the expectations we, as fans and supporters, have for the program. We have an incredible and growing fan base, and a loyal group of alums that believe in the character of our players, coaches and administrators.
    But I do welcome this scrutiny. If people take the time, it’s an opportunity to better understand whereOklahoma State is today, not a decade ago. It’s a different university today. It’s a better university. If there are areas where we need to improve, we’ll do it.
    Which leads me back to my disappointment with Sports Illustrated, and their failure to ask the most important question of all: 
    What’s happening at OSU today, not a decade ago?
    Oklahoma State University Benefactor Pickens Statement on SI Report


  • T. Boone Pickens statement on Sports Illustrated article

    Oklahoma State University Benefactor Pickens Statement on SI Report on OSU Football & allegations of academic fraud, grade changes, player payments & misconduct.