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  • Austin Real Estate Agents Expert in Central and West Austin TX

    Austin TX Real Estate & Austin Housing

    Darin Walker 

    My name's Darin Walker. I'm with Moreland Properties in Austin, Texas. I'm a certified luxury-home marketing specialist and an accredited buyer representative. I specialize in the downtown, central Austin, and west Austin areas. The types of homes I help my clients find are everything from the entry-level market to waterfront estates, homes with hill-country views or downtown-city views.

    Greg Mangum (Partner)

    I'm Greg Mangum with Mangum Builders. We build luxury homes in the Austin market. We hired Darin Walker to represent our firm and to market a property in Barton Creek for us. During the process, Darin provided us with collateral materials. He was very professional in the marketing of the home through the contract negotiations and ultimately the close of the home. Darin is a great asset, and we would use Darin again in the sale of any of our homes.

    Darin Walker

    The types of clients I work with are everything from families who have lived in Austin as long as I have to executives that are moving here from out of state (relocation experts), even CEOs of major corporations who are hiring vast numbers of people and need a real estate specialist who can help show them the Austin market. Having spent over 40 years of my life living and working throughout the Austin area, I'm able to offer my clients an intimate knowledge of the most coveted neighborhoods, as well as properties that are not on the market. I offer my clients a very client-centered approach where I'm very responsive to their needs, and I offer a very vast business network from my lifelong experience of being here in the Austin area.

    Luke Schneider, CEO Silvercar (Client) 

    Working with Darin was... It was a cut above every other realtor I've ever worked with. Darin is thoughtful. He's thorough. He comes back with multiple recommendations with a lot of good insight that sometimes you wouldn't even come up with yourself. As we went through the process of looking for a home, I don't think anybody we really talked to understood us and understood exactly what we were trying to find as well as Darin, and it's a tribute to both his tenacity as well as his just general hand and finger on the pulse of the Austin real-estate market.

    Darin Walker

    The neighborhoods that I specialize in is everything from downtown Austin, high-rise condos, Tarrytown, Pemberton Heights, all the way over into West Lake Hills, Rollingwood, and Barton Creek. My 20-year background in business and finance has allowed me to work with a more diversified group of clients that may have more sophisticated transactions and need help through the process, so if you're looking for an expert in the central and west Austin areas, please feel free to call me. I'll be happy to talk to you about your real-estat

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  • How smart business video works to present yourself

    Video proFile®  | Smart Business Video to Present Yourself.


    How does it work?

    Start with the business card to match branding...colors, fonts, logo, etc. Add other logos and images from a thumbdrive...

    During the session, a coach uses a survey to include keywords from answers to important questions like what separates you from the competition...

    After the session, the best clips are selected and posted for the video wizards.

    Images enhance your message. And within 72 hours, preview online and go social, be searchable and found!

    Smart business professional video to present yourself.

    Video proFile® 


    Motion Media Solutions

    engaging:VIDEO blog

    A Motion Media Solutions and Ross R. Mason Video Production Company Service. 

  • John Lee | Digital Growth Strategies

    John Lee, CEO of Digital Growth Strategies, takes a strategic approach to social media. With over 18 years experience, on big brands such as the Home Depot, Subaru and Continental Airlines and Cadillac, John Lee understands how to build brand equity and translate it into a social media environment.

    With so many people today identifying themselves as "Social Media Gurus," Digital Growth Strategies understands companies have to start with the strategy and overall business objectives before diving into the tactics. Digital Growth Strategies approaches social media from a communication standpoint not a technology standpoint and can help brands understand how to reach their social media goals.

    Digital Growth Strategies helps companies drive profitable growth through an understanding of how to integrate traditional marketing with Web 2.0/social media. If you are interested in how emerging technologies like blogs; microblogs like Twitter; online communities and social networks like MySpace and Facebook; user generated content like ratings and reviews; and collaborative tools like Wikis should be used to increase engagement with customers, we can help. 

    As experienced marketers, we do not believe that if Web 2.0/social media wins, traditional marketing loses. In many cases there is a role for both. Our task is to provide a strategic approach to using both traditional marketing and Web 2.0/social media in order to build stronger and more valuable customer relationships.

    What is Web 2.0 and Social Media? Web 2.0 describes the changing trends in the use of Web technology and design that aim to enhance creativity, communications, information sharing and collaboration. Although the term suggests a new version of the Web, it does not refer to an update to any technical specifications, but rather to changes in the ways developers and end-users utilize the Web. --Wikipedia

    Social Media are the technology tools that comprise Web 2.0 including (but not limited to):

    • Blogs: Online diaries or Web-logs

    • Microblogs like Twitter

    • Online Communities like MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn

    • Photo Sharing sites like Flickr

    • Podcasts: Both audio and video programming that can be streamed over the web or downloaded to a portable media device to subscribers

    • RSS (Real Simple Syndication): A publish and subscribe technology that automatically delivers content to a subscriber

    • Tagging applications like and Digg that allow for users to categorize, annotate and share web pages

    • Video Sharing sites like YouTube

    Widgets: Mini software applications downloadable to browsers, desktops, social-networking sites and mobile phones that contain content from a marketer. Examples include the Southwest Airlines “Ding” fare alert, ESPN news or localized AccuWeather

    Wikis: Collaborative, project specific websites like Wikipedia that allow open access for contributions and editing

  • Motivational Sales Speaker & Sales Training Expert Andy Gole

    Speaker & Sales Training Expert Andy Gole

    Do or die

    Andy Gole, CEO Bombadil LLC: About a week ago, you got out of a sales call and it was the best sales call you ever had in your life. The chemistry, the bonding was so fantastic. You didn't walk out, you floated out...and then you couldn't get them back on the phone and you wondered what the heck happened?... 

    Selling is conversations and there are two kinds of conversations, safe and serious. In a safe conversation you're never going to get a stick of business. The prospect is in that conversation for a different reason than you are...In a serious conversation by contrast, the prospect has a compelling need and they're willing to discuss it with you but serious doesn't mean you're closed, serious just means you open. 

    The biggest reason salespeople fail is the inability to transcend the gulf between social and business values teach us that best efforts are okay... 

    If you use your best efforts, you will fail 100% of the time!

    The owner of a company calls all the employees together on a Friday afternoon and says, "The salesforce gave it their very best efforts but they didn't bring in enough business. We're not getting paid this week or for the next month but if we all put our shoulders to the grindstone, I think I'll be able to pay you in a month or so." We know that's a non starter...The owner of a business cannot work on a best efforts basis. It's do or die. The sales team also has to be on a do-or-die basis. 


    They didn't believe you

    Latent demand is a marketing idea. It means unexpressed demand. There's latent demand for new ideas that haven't come to market yet

    The typical prospect does not have enough experience to make an educated decision. The prospect didn't buy from you because they didn't believe you

    ...It's not the referral source's job to figure out how to trust you. It's your job to figure out how to help them develop trust... 

    3M popularized the idea of time-pacing by requiring that 30% of their profits came from businesses that didn't exist 5 years ago. We do the same thing in selling by creating new relationships faster. 

    ...As we come out with new ideas, they're latent demand. The customer doesn't know about it. We have to challenge them... 


    Facing the unknown

    Sandy Schussel: Andy puts together a program that's really powerful because he talks about sales as a science rather than something you just do and hope it works out...

    Andy Gole: …George Lucas has written how he was inspired in creating Star Wars by Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces…


    Learn more about Andy Gole and Urgency Based Selling®. 201-415-3447

    When does the champion become a hero? Is it when he or she is facing the dragon and brandishing their sword? No, it's when they leave the village and face the unknown.

    Ashley Fedor: …watching how he speaks, watching how he approaches things is just a reminder that I have that capability um and I need to constantly push myself outside the box.

    Andy Gole: All my life I've had an interest in philosophy. One day, I discovered Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. A flourishing society consists of flourishing individuals which means we discover, develop and achieve our potentials including intellectual, emotional, physical. had this cast-iron jaw. Then the worst thing happened that could happen to a fighter. You got civilized...

    ... salespeople, they build a book of business. They become successful, and they become comfortable, and they stop doing the behaviors that built the business because they're civilized and they're above it.

    ..You've developed the systems and procedures to have many flourishing departments in your business including manufacturing, service, finance but there might be one department, maybe the most important department which is not development...


    Urgency Based Selling System

    Urgency is the province of selling, it's action. You can never close interest. The urgency based selling system was designed to create a sense of urgency to close the sale.

    Salespeople are missing one critical skill...project management.

    Jim Polley: …What I got from Andy Gole was a new level of accountability for the way our sales department operates. My people understand that accountability. We hire differently. We operate differently and there's a high level of enthusiasm to continue to grow our business.

    Andy Gole: There are many important books that have been written about the secrets of selling but they pale in comparison to the single most important book...the book of your business...What you do, the compelling reason why someone should be in a conversation with you and the proof...why should they believe anything you say.

    ...You have an unbalanced sales presentation. The salespeople are doing a good job of selling themselves, and they're doing a decent job of selling the offer, but they're not doing an economic justification, but they're not doing a great job of selling the company.

    Greg Somjen: What Andy helped us do was to take the things that we were already known for, that we already had in place, and formalize them, and put them into a system that can be followed...

    Andy Gole: You're frustrated. You're wondering, where are all the great salespeople? You remember in the earlier days of the business, the entrepreneurial phase. You didn't have product services, you didn't have customers, you didn't have reputation but you built the business...'re expecting the same thing of your current sales team but they're not entrepreneurs. Here's the good news, they're mostly hybrid entrepreneurs and they can be developed to get entrepreneurial outcomes and continue to build your business.

    Marc Parette: …whether you sell widgets, or whether you sell service, or whether you're selling intellectual property, the system seems to apply.

    Andy Gole: ...There are 3 proofs and the proving kit and the proving materials that have been put together are to help support the idea this is the right company...

    Marc Parette: Over the last three years we're up 50% year over year in sales...

    Andy Gole: …if you're not developing new business, you're suffocating. You might be shriveling.

    Your sales heroes are in harms' way everyday. When you publish your selling book, you provide them with the essential body armor to protect them in all the battles that lie ahead.


    Andy Gole Seminars

    Sales Leadership

    The Crisis in Sales Leadership

    Do or Die vs. Best Efforts

    Rocky, Freud, Darwin & Selling

    Crisis in Creating New Sales Relationships Heroic Selling

    Do you want me to sell or fill out paperwork? The Leads Are Terrible

    How Buyers Buy & What To Do About It



  • Secrets to smart video


    engaging:VIDEO series from Ross R. Mason and Motion Media Solutions on its blog, engaging:VIDEO | note to present yourself


  • Using video to market your business (part 2)

    Streamline Your Marketing with Video (part 2)

    Looking for Part I?

    Ron Books: Obviously, at ECi we have watched the expansion of our customers online presence. So a lot of customers now, the end consumers, are ordering their products via e-commerce. Is that becoming an extension of their e-commerce?

    Ross R. Mason: It really is, and as much as is practical, we are finding that for mainstream businesses, several things are really important when they are considering video. It should be high quality, the research indicates that professional video is going to pull better than something shot with an iPhone or shot very quickly. On the other hand it needs to be based on information that you know your customers are asking about. Not so much what you want to sell to them. So some thoughts, some strategy is helpful to go through. In our business we've put together a program called Video proFile and it's allowing a lot of our customers who are professionals to essentially take session times rather than having to cover the entire cost of the video production day.

    And that is allowing us to offer turnkey video solutions that are three to five minutes long for a pretty affordable price without sacrificing that high quality. And the backside of it is that when it comes to distribution we are finding that it's helpful to provide a very streamlined approach where our customers get video that they can easily put on their website, but it's also loaded to all the video sharing sites. And that will help a great deal with search.

    As you and I have talked before, size of customer doesn't matter anymore because the end consumer wants video, so it becomes affordable; smaller, larger customers, any type of customer.

    Every business needs to be thinking about online video the way they thought about having a website a decade ago. I would encourage everybody to search for their competitors and search for other types of products or services that they provide and see what's out there when it comes to video.

    So lastly, a customer gets it, they understand they need to have a video presence. How do they get started or what would they do to sort of introduce that into their company? Is it just reaching out to you and setting up some sort of idea, where does that come from next?

    Well, typically they will think tactically. It has been our experience, they want a video and so a lot of the time we are helping them think about what's the strategy, how am I different, where are those important points. In the end how we produce it, how we capture it, we have streamlined it and we are planning to have that capability at your ECi Connect Conference. So some of the customers will be able to see how that is done affordably.

    So the important thing to think about is what really distinguishes you and your market place and how do you want to communicate that message.

    I can tell you and really tell the customer base, video has been a very important part of our business. We now track and you have the ability to track your click throughs, you could see what videos and what sessions have been productive, how many people or how many of your customers are looking at that video, and it's been really important to our business over the last few years, and we only see that expanding. So, please just make sure you are considering this as part of your business. We say this on a regular basis, it's about what the end consumer wants and the end consumer is demanding this type of medium.

    About ECi
    The ECi Software Solutions family of companies provides business and e-commerce solutions, offering on-premise and cloud-based technologies. For 30+ years, ECi's companies have served the manufacturing, office equipment, office supplies, contract office furniture, lumber and building materials, hardware and jan/san sectors. Privately held, ECi is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, with offices and companies throughout the U.S., Australia, England and the Netherlands.

    ECi Software Solutions Named to Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies

    For information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit, or call (800) 959-3367.

    About Ross R. Mason

    Ross R. Mason is a seasoned corporate executive with entrepreneurial experience dedicated to creating new business value. He is accelerating the use of online video by mainstream business professionals using unique talents developed while serving in C-level positions in technology, sales and marketing, and customer service. As CEO of Motion Media Solutions, he designed as a smart video network for businesses, nonprofits and professionals to present yourself using online video and encourages smart business video on his blog, engaging:VIDEO

    Motion Media Solutions is ECi's exclusive partner for producing videos for office products dealers through its GoVideo Web Store Videos program.

    Schedule a FREE call with Ross to discuss a smart video strategy for your business:

  • Video production company Motion Media Solutions

    Video Production Services to Present Yourself

    Motion Media Solutions delivers high-quality video presentations which are clear, simple and impressionable. It’s more than just video production; we coach, write, shoot, edit and provide all the digital video marketing services needed to effectively present yourself.

    By working closely with you every step of the way, the entire corporate video production process is easy and free of unpleasant surprises. We openly collaborate, communicate and facilitate so complicated decisions are simplified, and all expectations met, across every aspect of your business.

    But we do more than write and shoot a great script. We design each video to be search engine friendly and available online so it works for your use of it is effortless. To make this easy, a personalized Video proFile® Page is an online hub that we create, host and publish. It can even handle syndication of your video across the Internet. Whatever your plan, the profile™ Page makes your video easy to use. Our process makes people comfortable in front of the camera, whether they’re a cashier or the CEO. This unique, coaching method captures the essence, enthusiasm and authenticity of each professional so the message is genuine and effective.

    The proFile™ is designed for business professionals in fields like real estate, insurance, sales, marketing, law and non-profit. These quick, effective digital videos are the best way to present yourself, your products or your services. proFile videos are also the best choice for corporations needing to consistently promote multiple locations, members of their sales force or franchisees.

    Our Corporate Videos take full advantage of our zoomIn Process (ZIP) to clearly and effectively get to the essence of your message. We help corporations use video effectively to present themselves to meet every objective such as marketing communications, human resources, training, executive updates, advertising and trade show presentations.


    • Creative consulting
    • Storyboarding & scripts
    • Message development
    • Collaborative project management
    • Transparent work-flow

    Video Production and Post-Production:

    • High quality, professional crews & equipment
    • Personalized direction & coaching
    • Graphic design & professional editing
    • Hosts, personalities, voice-over & music talent
    • Motion graphics & animation
    • Video compression & tape-to-digital conversions


    • Online video players & hosted content delivery
    • Video Syndication to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and many more…
    • Video SEO
    • DVD authoring & duplication services
    • Mobile media solutions such as video podcasting & mobile video streaming
    • Html5 video compatibility
    • LIVE online video broadcasts

    Please watch the video examples and email us to get started or if you have any questions.

    Motion Media Solutions
    3427 Cedar Springs Road Suite 1514
    Dallas, TX 75219

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • VpF-How-it-Works-noautoplay

    Video proFile™ page:

    Smart business professional video production helps present yourself.

    How does it work?

    Start with the business card to match branding...colors, fonts, logo, etc. Add other logos and images from a thumbdrive...

    During the session, a coach uses a survey to include keywords from answers to important questions like what separates you from the competition...

    After the session, the best clips are selected and posted for the video wizards.

    Images enhance your message. And within 72 hours, preview online and go social, be searchable and found!

    Smart business professional video to present yourself. Video proFile™.