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  • Family Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry in heart of Austin, TX

    Family Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry |Austin Sixth Street Smiles

    Hi. I’m Dr. Abena Asare, dentist and owner at Austin Sixth Street Smiles. We are a family general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry practice located in the heart of Austin, Texas. 

    I became a dentist because I enjoyed working with people. There’s a very hands on component to dentistry that I really love. I began my career in teaching and working with people, and working on their smiles is the best interaction I can have. I’m a graduate of Columbia University, served in the US Army for four years and I opened Austin Sixth Street Smiles in 2013. 

    Dentistry is a mixture of art and science and I’m able to combine both of those to give you a healthy smile. We value all of our patients and every single person that walks through the door, you’re excited to be able to work with them.  They know that when they come to our practice, they have a partner in their oral health and in taking care of their smile. When I’m able to give a patient a beautiful healthy smile, it makes me happy to see them happy. 

    Austin Sixth Street Smiles offers dental exams, cleanings, tooth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, sedation dentistry and sports dentistry for all of our patients. To provide the highest quality service, we use the latest in digital technology including online scheduling, digital x-rays and digital photography. Our patients appreciate being a partner in their oral health care. We work as a team, addressing our findings and their concerns, step by step to bring out their best smile. 

    I love working in Austin because it gives me the chance to meet a great variety of people including students, entrepreneurs, children, older adults, athletes, musicians, artists, all of whom bring their creativity and expertise to the art and science in creating their best smile. Austin Sixth Street Smiles offers evening and weekend hours, online account payment and affordable smile enhancement programs for everyone. Our goal is to bring out your best smile representing your full health and beauty. 

    If you’re ready for your best smile, we’d love to partner with you. Visit our website or stop by downtown and see us. Austin, we love to see you smile.

  • Hi. I’m Kristi Leipsner, owner of I May Snap Photography. I consider myself a lifestyle photographer. I like to go out on site in people’s homes or any place in Austin and take pictures of families and children, how they are naturally. Children walking around, they’re naturally curious, they’ll stop and pick up a rock and make sweet facial expressions. I really like to capture the interaction between parents and children.

        While I specialized in family and children’s photography. I actually do a wide range of photography including head shots, school photography, interior photography, various architectural photography and maternity as well as newborn.

        What’s so special about I May Snap Photography is the amount of time I spend with my clients in prep work. We’ll have extensive conversations about where in Austin to hold the session. What you and your family should wear to the session. really the kind of look that you’re going for. If you have spaces on your wall that you want to fill up with beautiful portraits, we’ll look at those types of layouts to make sure that we’re capturing exactly what you want.

        My kids always ask me why I walk around with a camera around my neck. I tell them, “I don’t want to forget a single thing about them as children.” Got pictures of their very first bath, the first time they rolled over, a loose tooth, their first haircut. Those are all memories that if I don’t capture them, I’m going to lose them forever. That is something that I would like to do for you, your family and your children. Pictures really are the only way that we have of holding onto the moment.

        I’d really love to meet you. Please give me a call or send me an email. I work all over Austin and I look forward to setting up the perfect session with you.


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    Mason Charles Latham was born in Dallas on March 6, 1995 and passed away on April 2, 2011. A life too short, though one filled with passion, curiosity and love.

    Mason was a sweet young man recognized by all who knew him for his never ending quest for answers and his love for building his own experiments. Mason had a dear love for and with his three sisters; Brooke, Rachel and Avery. A very special and lasting love. Mason also loved his dog Story like no other dog has ever been loved. His family and friends quickly describe him as easy going, curious, intelligent, gentle and caring. Mason was wise beyond his 16 years and most commented on his ability to discuss topics and issues with adults as if he were their peer. A quick wit, a bright smile and the gift of conversation quickly endeared him to all who spent time with him. For such a short life, he lived every day to its fullest and never looked back. Mason's zest for life was evident in his passion for sports, whether football, snowboarding or skate boarding and his innate physical talents ensured he did them exceptionally. In addition, his loving heart directed him in his kindness toward others and empathy for those who needed a friend.

    In lieu of flowers donations are being accepted in Mason Latham's name at ESD - The Lower Campus - to help children in need. Donations can be sent to

    Episcopal School of Dallas Lower Campus

    4344 Colgate Ave., Dallas, TX 75225

    (214) 363-5471

    Please make checks payable to ESD Lower Campus, in the memo Attn: Mason C. Latham Fund.