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  • What should I know before filing for Divorce?

    What should I know before filing for Divorce?

    Gary Ashmore, Managing Attorney

    One of the most important things before filing for divorce is I would recommend that you consult with an attorney. 

    A lot of family law attorneys out there have free consultations for you to go in and visit with them. So, whether it’s a divorce that you think you want to handle yourself or not, I recommend and suggest that you talk with a qualified family law attorney to get your options. 

    Once you have done that and determined whether or not you can handle it by yourself. However, I would recommend if there’s any contested issues, that you follow-up with hiring an attorney. 

    One of the biggest things you need to know before filling for a divorce is to know what your assets and your liabilities are, especially if you’re the spouse that’s not handling the money in the marriage, then you want to get a handle on what’s being spent, where, what your income is, what your spouse’s income is, you want to know what kind of debt, credit card debts, other debts you may have out there…are you on the mortgage or not on the mortgage…before you file for divorce because it’s going to be hard to find that information out after you’ve filed because obviously it becomes a little more difficult and you have to go through a discovery process and it’s expensive. 

    The other thing I would suggest before filing for divorce is that you’ve got to have a plan…whatever you do, have a plan of action. 

    You don’t want to go down there, file for divorce without thinking “what am I going to do next?”

    So, I recommend having a plan in place, talking with an attorney, before proceeding with a divorce and filing for a divorce petition. 


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  • What type of Lawyer do you need?

    I need a lawyer, what do I need to do first?

    Gary Ashmore

    1. What kind of lawyer do I need?

    Well, first thing you want to do before you hire a lawyer is you want to sit down and determine what kind of lawyer are you looking for...

    …if it’s a divorce case, obviously a family lawyer
    …if it’s car accident, you want a personal injury lawyer
    …if someone’s died with or without a will, you want a probate lawyer

    So, the first thing you need to look for is does that attorney practice in that area of law that you need to hire to help you accomplish your goal. 

    2. Write down questions you’d like answers to

    The second thing you need to do is write down questions about what you want to ask that lawyer…

    • what are their fee arrangements?
    • how do they bill?
    • how do you communicate with them?
    • Or, you need to write down what your availability is to be able to pay that lawyer, to be able to work with that lawyer and get along with that lawyer. 

    3. Choose a lawyer like you would choose a family doctor

    The third thing I think I ask all my potential clients to look at is they have to hire their lawyer as if they’re hiring their own family doctor…they have to like

    • the way they look
    • they have to like the way they talk
    • they have to like the surroundings around them
    • they have to like the offices

    Because that is someone that you are now going to journeys down this road, this political road, or this legal road…whether it’s in a courtroom or it’s settled out of court — you need to have somebody supporting you along the way to get accomplished what you are there to do… 

    - whether it’s a settlement on a car accident or PI case
    - whether it’s getting divorced
    - whether it’s going in front of a probate court

    I encourage all my potential clients to interview other lawyers…you want to talk to other lawyers so you can get a feel for who you’re hiring and the job they are going to be doing for you. 


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