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  • Professional Licensed Auctioneer with Specialized Training in Charity Benefits 

    SR Custom Events and Auctions began in 2002. With over 30 years of combined non-profit Event Planning and Fundraising experience between our founder and our principal auctioneer for Austin auctions, we are able to identify and understand the needs of our clients in a way few others can duplicate.

    Mike Hanley:

    I'm Mike Hanley. 

    I'm the principle auctioneer for SR Custom Events and Auctions. We're a charity benefit auction company. We advise and work with our clients and raise money with them through charity benefit auctions. It's vitally important that you hire a professional, trained, licensed, and experienced charity benefit auctioneer, and when I say experienced in charity benefits. 

    We like to practice something we call "persuasion without intimidation." Basically what that means is, we keep it light. We keep it fun. What makes SR Custom Events and Auctions so unique is our husband and wife team. We have a banter between us.

    Sherri Ramstedt-Hanley:

    After working for 12 years in the nonprofit event planning industry, I was able to ease into the auctioneering industry after I met and married an auctioneer. Then ended up in 2007 going to auction school myself and was able to help out even more- not just with the pre-event consulting, but with the ringing and the banter back and forth and developing the co-auctioneering style that Mike and I now have.

    Mike Hanley:

    Our team... They can do check in-check out, they can be ringmen, they can call the auction. Quite simply, when we show up at an event, we're ready to jump in wherever you need us.

    Sherri Ramstedt-Hanley:

    At SR Customer Events and Auctions we help from the very beginning stages of your planning in the organizing of the auction as far as timing, order, placement of the evening agenda, the live auction, the silent auction, what time it should open, what time it should close, what time the live auction should begin, the order of the items, when we should do your paddles up, your [fund a cause 00:01:36].

    Mike Hanley:

    Your silent auction. Let's talk about that for a minute. It's a store. It's a store that's open for 4 hours. Unlike Macy's, you don't sell everything, you can't open the next day. You've got to sell everything that night. There are certain techniques and strategies that we can help you with.

    Sherri Ramstedt-Hanley:

    We can help you not only with your live and silent auction, but we can also provide a variety of specialty games and services that will help you maximize your results.

    Mike Hanley:

    Thanks for your time. Give us a call, visit us online. Let's sit down and have a cup of coffee or a talk. We'd love to help you raise even more money than you ever thought you could.


    SR Custom Events and Auctions  512-748-1849

    We prefer to be a part of your committee during your planning stages and work with you throughout the process of procuring items, theme, lay out of venue, item order and evening timeline.

    With a staff of professional auctioneers, auction consultants, ring crew and auction support staff; we are able to help you reach your event fundraising goals. Our crew is made up of licensed professional Auctioneers including a Louisiana State Champion bid caller, immediate past president of the Texas Auctioneers Association, TAA Rookie Auctioneer of the Year in 2009 and TAA bid calling champion finalist for 2012, Professional Ringmans Institute Graduates and National Auctioneer Association Benefit Auction Specialist designees. Our products and fine services have enabled us to build a strong positive reputation in the industry.

    A few of the clients who have utilized our services to increase revenue are the The Dallas Opera, The Boy Scouts of America, The Mayberry Foundation, American Cancer Society Cattle Barons Ball, Austin Chamber Music, Conspirare, St. Louis Catholic School, Seton Family of Hospitals and Regents School of Austin. We also can create exciting entertainment for Weddings and Corporate events.

    We hope that you will take a few moments to visit our site, get to know our team, review our seminars, look at our calendar, read our testimonials, and share our information with your board of directors and event committees and consider us when choosing your gala Auctioneer and/or charity benefit auction team. We are based out of Austin, TX, but will travel to meet your needs.