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  • Why We Need a Battle Plan for Sales | Andy Gole

    As a society, we aren't great planners or project managers.

    Andy Gole, Founder of Urgency Based Selling®

    And yet, business development is typically a 3-12 month project. So when you mix a long term project with poor project management, you have a train wreck.

    The battle plan helps salespeople articulate the challenges they face and set a course of action.

    It helps salespeople identify the decision-makers, their urgent needs, and their risk factors.

    The Battle Plan calls on the salesperson to do a pre-mortem - identifying in advance of the sale, why they lost it - thereby increasing the likelihood of closing the sale.


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  • Your sales prospects didn't buy because they didn't believe

    The typical prospect, satisfied with an incumbent supplier, is a skeptic. 

    What are you doing to satisfy the skeptic?


    They didn't believe you


    Latent demand is a marketing idea. It means unexpressed demand. There's latent demand for new ideas that haven't come to market yet. 

    The typical prospect does not have enough experience to make an educated decision. The prospect didn't buy from you because they didn't believe you. 

    ...It's not the referral source's job to figure out how to trust you. It's your job to figure out how to help them develop trust... 

    3M popularized the idea of time-pacing by requiring that 30% of their profits came from businesses that didn't exist 5 years ago. We do the same thing in selling by creating new relationships faster. 

    ...As we come out with new ideas, they're latent demand. The customer doesn't know about it. We have to challenge them... 


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