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  • 23 tips for smart business video

    Does your business have video yet? 

    1. Life has become FAST and BUSY
    2. People are more WEB SAVVY on the INTERNET
    3. BUSINESS VIDEO is where YOUR CUSTOMERS are spending time
    4. VIDEO MARKETING is the latest trend
    5. VIDEO MARKETING is getting bigger and bigger
    6. ONE minute of VIDEO is WORTH more than 1,000 WORDS
    7. Chances of PAGE 1 LISTINGS on GOOGLE increases 53 times with video
    8. On average VISITORS STAY 2 MINUTES LONGER when they watch video
    9. By 2017 VIDEO WILL BE 90% of all Internet traffic
    10. 93% of online marketers USE VIDEOS
    11. 65% visit a website AFTER VIEWING VIDEO and make purchasing decisions
    12. Over 1 BILLION unique users visit YOUTUBE every month
    13. 87% of social media users FOLLOW Brand Videos
    14. Posts with video links WILL ATTRACT 5X MORE VISITORS
    15. Online Videos are 100% MORE socially engaging
    16. Video marketing gets you
    17. If you're not producing ONLINE VIDEO for your brand, START NOW
    18. Consumers are WATCHING THEM
    19. Consumers are FOLLOWING THEM and making PURCHASE DECISIONS based on them
    20. If your business does not HAVE VIDEO you are BEHIND THE COMPETITION
    21. WE ARE EXPERTS in creating online videos
    22. VIDEO can help you get more OUT OF YOUR WEBSITE
    23. CLICK NOW and change your business forever...


    See the Infographic: Why you need Smart Business Video to present yourself.

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    Secrets to Smart Video is a series of videos which share effective insights, techniques and methodologies for using online video to present yourself in business communications, websites, social media, mobile devices.

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    Video proFile® page is a profile for each video. Using analytic tools, we optimize its title, description and tags to match your video message to relevant search keywords and phrases, and submit them to Google, Bing and Yahoo for indexing.