Overview Video of Brainspace Discovery

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In this video we provide an overview of Brainspace Discovery 5. 


After you login and select a dataset Discovery presents detailed analytics and insights into your data immediately, offering a valuable understanding of the documents at hand.


The Dashboard provides an immediate overview of your data, and allows you to quickly launch queries to get a more relevant understanding of your dataset. Every element on the Dashboard, including Data Overview, Timeline, and Facet Dropdowns IS information AND a click away from being a query. All elements of the Dashboard update immediately, responding to every filter you apply. The Discovery dashboard is a quick way to investigate your data, search your metadata and see the results in real time.


This Sidebar lets you navigate to every Discovery module, and return to an overview of your data at any time by clicking the Dashboard icon. 


Open the Search Drawer to access Concept Search, a user interface that provides an intersection between machine learning and human intuition. Exclusive to Brainspace Discovery, our Concept Search is a transparent, multi-concept, intuitive way to find documents that respond to concepts and not just keywords. Plus our Sliders allow users to interact with Discovery’s Brain technology to fine-tune their analysis. Form Search provides Additional Filters that allow you, filter against emails, perform quick keyword searches, or search by domain, and also against any of your metadata with our Advanced Query capabilities.


The Cluster Wheel is an overview of your document population, presented in a visual map that can be explored in detail, allowing you to dig deeper into more significant areas, while still being able to view the dataset population in it’s entirety.  You can even concentrate on a subset of data by generating a custom wheel for it, which we call a Focus.


Communication Analysis is a powerful tool for analyzing email documents. It quickly shows who communicated ‘what’ and to ‘whom’. Nodes represent people, and the lines between them are documents.  An overview lets you know what’s being talked about. Labels and Search Filters let you quickly organize, explore and understand.


Document Collections keeps track of your Collections and allows you to sync your collections to other applications, such as Relativity. Saved Search results can be used to create a Collection or for adding to an existing Collection, collating your recent work results . Collections can be formed from any search result or from individual documents. All components of the Dashboard are tied to each other, so updated Search results display on the donut graph, on the Cluster Wheel, Top Faceted items on the Dashboard, and allow you to turn anything into a Collection. 

Overall, Discovery is a powerful search and analytics solution, useful for the entire lifecycle of your data.

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