Mobile-worker task management, data collection & decision support software: Auditmatic

Recently, industrial and manufacturing processes have advanced to become more efficient and automated than ever before. But, the data collection processes used by most companies today has remained relatively unchanged. Operators still must make rounds filling out stacks of paperwork in a time-consuming and outdated process.

AuditMatic is an easily implemented mobile-worker solution that improves and streamlines all data collection and reporting processes by eliminating the need for paper forms and transcription. AuditMatic gets rid of time spent filling out stacks of paper forms, filing them, and transcribing them.

Effective task management and decision support programs in the AuditMatic handheld client guides data collectors and makes it simple for them to store and share that data.

AuditMatic simplifies the entire data collection process, from start to finish. With our simple form creation interface enables supervisors to create inspection forms to fit any situation, without the need for any programming experience.

Once a form is created, the AuditMatic handheld client guides operators along the inspection route. To ensure data integrity, supervisors can mark inspection stations with barcode tags that must be scanned before the corresponding form can be filled out.  This process makes operator routes easy to follow while ensuring compliance assurance.   

After data collection is complete, the handheld AuditMatic client is plugged into its network-connected cradle, where all the data is automatically synchronized with digital log books and plant historians. Also, AuditMatic can be programmed to automatically send that data to supervisors and stakeholders to increase visibility and ensure best practices.

But AuditMatic can be used for much more than data collection in industrial situations. The AuditMatic data collection system offers solutions for:


Supermarkets, clothing stores and other merchandise retailers can use AuditMatic to create shift change checklists, conduct department inspections and other process to ensure a high quality and safe customer experience at their facilities.

Municipal water and wastewater management

After collecting data using AuditMatic’s smooth interface, all forms can be automatically sent to state regulators, improving efficiency.

Scientific data collection

Create a wide variety of forms and integrate elements such as images with AuditMatic’s simple form creation tool, and easily collect data in the lab or in the field.