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Invoice Factoring – Right For Me

Greystone invoice factoring enables fast-growing, transitional or restructuring businesses to get their working capital faster by financing their receivables.

We’re able to combine the “in-house” resources of a large company with our entrepreneurial agility to deliver financial solutions that can address clients’ immediate-term financial needs and big-picture business goals.

Our invoice factoring company facilities range from $100,000 to $5 million. That means we have sufficient money under our immediate control that’s readily available to grow with your invoice factoring needs. We are not capital aggregators or brokers.

We work with companies across the country – and across almost all industries – with a variety of business needs.

We welcome the opportunity to help your business through the smart business of invoice factoring.


Peter Cooney and Jeff Kassing are at the helm of Greystone Commercial Services. Together with their teams they establish and nurture sustainable business relationships with entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses, providing operating capital and superior customer service.

Under their leadership, Greystone Commercial Services continues as a well established and reliable invoice and receivables factoring company.


Invoice factoring enables fast-growing, transitional or restructuring businesses to get the cash they need to reach their goals.

Factoring invoices is a flexible and effective way to produce results quickly. What’s more, invoice factoring doesn’t require a commitment to a multi-year facility. Don’t let invoice factoring myths keep you from exploring this smart financing alternative.


Factor invoices, convert your accounts receivables into cash and allow your business to:


  • Fund payroll
  • Pay taxes
  • Purchase inventory & materials
  • Increase production capacity and sales
  • Take advantage of trade discounts
  • Improve trade credit rating and/or vendor relations (i.e. A/P)



Banks are an excellent source of business financing. However, banks often decline requests for new working capital or renewal, extension or increase of existing credit line for one or more of the following reasons:


  • Your company has been in business for less than 3 years.
  • Your company’s profitability significantly dropped 1 year (or was unprofitable).
  • Your company’s business is growing too fast.
  • Your company is past due on taxes.
  • Your company has negative net worth or negative cash flow.
  • Your company’s business is seasonal.
  • Your company violated a financial covenant.


Greystone’s invoice factoring often provides financing to companies with one or more of the above reasons banks use to decline financing to small and mid-sized businesses.


Greystone’s invoice factoring helps remove two large headaches of business owners – collections and customer credit. Invoice factoring lets you focus on building your business while Greystone Commercial Services assists you with:


  • Collecting the amounts owed to your business with its experienced and professional staff.
  • Helping you decide how much credit to extend to your customers. Greystone’s experienced credit department provides valuable information necessary to make these important decisions.


Credit and collection not only helps cut costs, it gives you more time to focus on sales, product development and BUSINESS GROWTH. Learn more about who factors with Greystone.