Greenz | salads for z'adventurous

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My name is Casie Caldwell, Founder, CEO and otherwise known as “Head of Lettuce” for Greenz, salads for z’ adventurous.

Greenz is a fast-casual restaurant offering a distinctive twist on salad.  We serve bold and enticing flavor combinations using the freshest ingredients that please both the vegetarian and the die-hard meat eater.  Don’t confuse Greenz with a salad bar or just a fast food restuarant, we carefully design each item – the menu is “chef driven” with interesting ingredients and our KEY differentiator is our mouth-watering presentations – typical of what you would find at a fine-dining restaurant.  At Greenz “we don’t toss our salads we sculpt them into edible works of art!”  

The idea for Greenz grew out of frustration with the limited number of salad options out there.  I was tired of food that was served behind a sneeze guard or in a paper container, and not to mention the lack of really great choices.

I found myself stuck in corporate America -- sitting behind a desk all day was not making me happy -- and I knew I had to pursue my dream of working for myself.  I just needed the right idea and I decided to create the food experience I was searching for.  I thought people needed something different and there had to be more people like me tired of just iceberg, tomatoes and croutons!  So, I quit my job and began my mission of turning the stereotype of salad on its head!   

I’m now focused on growing Greenz through franchising.  Our unique development model allows franchisees to develop their market through traditional restaurant sites AND through non-traditional sites without full kitchens – such as malls, airports, hospitals and even fitness clubs like the one we have inside Equinox Fitness Center.

Greenz is a forward-thinking concept that is redefining the way people think of salad. We are looking for innovators and go-getters, people with the drive to learn and the will to succeed. For the right person, running your own Greenz restaurant will fulfill your desire to work for yourself, control your own destiny and be a part of a successful and innovative brand.   Call us today!