Have you been thinking, I need to sell my house!?

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Have you been thinking, "I need to sell my house"?

Hi, I'm Daniel Kline with happyhousebuyers.com.

Have you been thinking I need to sell my house?

Perhaps you are worried about making your next mortgage payment.

Or maybe your house needs maintenance and repairs.

Maybe you just want to sell your house quickly....

The problem is banks are not lending to real estate buyers, so the traditional way of selling your house is just not working.

With over sixty years of combined experience in the real estate industry we at Happy House Buyers knew something had to change. To sell your house quickly you can no longer rely exclusively on a bank for qualified real estate buyers.

The good news is there's a huge number of qualifiable buyers interested in your house right now.

Want to know how to reach these buyers?

The solution is owner financing.

Because you have an existing mortgage you may think you can't offer owner financing, but our team at Happy House Buyers has closed over ten thousand transactions using our program. We designed a Happy House Buyers owner financing program that provides the best marketing, closings, and ongoing support when you want to sell your house using owner financing.

This makes owner financing easy and hands free for you.

Before your next payment is due give Happy House Buyers a call.

My team and I want to help.

Compare your selling options on HappyHouseBuyers.com!

We buy houses in all situations, so you can put your real estate worries behind you. Contact the experienced team at HappyHouseBuyers.com today!

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