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Advanced Search

Ready to find your dream home? The Advanced Search page allows you to add specific features, such as a media room, hardwood floors or a sink in the laundry room, to your search criteria. The possibilities here are almost endless!

Ebby Halliday proximity search can help you find what you are looking for in a home near your family. If you wish to live closer to your loved ones this feature can help you easily find the right place.

Step one - Enter address or choose from a list of starting points.
Step two - Next, choose a search radius and click "Find Address". You can further narrow your results using available filters, like price range and type.
Step three - When you are ready to see the result, click the "Search" button.

This will take you to "Advanced Property Search Results" that gives you a list of properties with details and options to narrow your search results.

About Ebby

With over 60 years of success helping buyers and sellers throughout the Metroplex realize their dream of homeownership, the Ebby Home Team has become one of the largest and best-known privately owned residential Dallas real estate firms in the country.

Your Ebby Associate will save you time by:

• Organizing and accompanying you to view homes which meet your criteria
• Having information on various neighborhoods to help you determine the right area for work, place of worship and family activities
• Providing sales information on the neighborhood of your choice, so you can make an informed decision
• Showing you MLS properties, so you don't have to call multiple offices for information or appointments
• Working with all builders throughout the Metroplex
• Negotiating your offer to your best advantage

What you can expect from your Ebby Halliday, REALTORS agent:

• Learn and define your needs, desires and goals as a buyer, and help determine your most important considerations in selecting a home
• Give you information about agency choices and services available to you
• Organize the home buying process, guide you through it and save you time
• Search for the right home, always accompany you to property showings and represent your interests
• Explore all financing possibilities with you and provide you with a list of lenders
• Provide you with a comparative market analysis to make an informed purchase decision
• Disclose all known information about properties and areas which interest you
• Assist in preparing offers, strategize your offer to the seller, and negotiate on your behalf
• Ensure confidentiality of your personal client information
• Monitor the closing process step-by-step, and make sure you're always informed
• Provide lists of inspectors to review the condition of the property
• Act as your advocate in the most professional manner possible
• Treat all parties fairly and honestly