Austin Texas real estate high-end service with a down-home attitude

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Austin Texas Real Estate Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist

Austin Texas real estate certified residential specialist serves clients high-end service with down-home attitude. 
Hi. I'm Desmond Milvenan with Turnquist Partners. I'm here today to ask you to be part of your team. I want to help you and your family get what you are looking for in a new house, selling your old house and investment properties, and helping your father, your mother, your sons or daughters find their perfect home. It really matters to me that you love your home. So, whatever I can do to make that a reality for you and your family, I want to be that agent.
I'm a matchmaker. I've been matchmaking couples for years and years. In fact, I've gotten several successful marriages under my belt. Like matchmaking, real estate is matching the person with the perfect house. At the end of the day when someone comes to me and says, "I love my house," it makes my heart sing. I love becoming part of your family. In fact, all my clients become my friends, and when the sale is over, I miss visiting with you every day. 
I think in order for me to part of your family, you should know about mine. Like many of you, I've been married for 26  years. I have three wonderful children. So, I know the pressures of having a family. I know how difficult it can be to move and to pack and to look or to sell a house, but I can help you there. I can make it much easier because I understand. 
Many of my clients tell me they really appreciate my professionalism as well. These accolades and awards don't mean anything unless there's a true relationship behind them. 
What my clients about me is I really care about what their needs are. What's important to them and their families. It's not about me. It's about you. West Lake, Central Austin, South Austin, Lakeway, and the Lake areas. I've been in Austin over 25 years, and I know every square foot of this city. I love people. I love to meet people, and I would really love to meet you.
I know that you have lots of choices for a realty in Austin, Texas. I hope you'll give me a call and let me a part of your real estate team. My number is 512-294-4740.