This CFO is a change agent & business partner for clients

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CFO Glen Katlein of B2B CFO®, is a proven change agent in multi-unit/multi-state diverse service industries. He is a hands on team player and strategic business partner who is sensitive to business needs while maintaining integrity "in the numbers".
Glen Katlein has 30 years experience, including 15 years as CFO for public and privately held companies. He has controller, internal audit, and Big 4 experience. He designed and implemented reporting processes, planning models, and cash tracking models for an early stage company that practically doubled growth in revenue (from $18 to $34 million), and operating income (from $5 to $9 million) in the second full year of operation. He attained $100 million bank facility proposals, $45 million TRAC sale-leaseback proposals, and $15 million subordinated debt to fund growth.
As an integral part of B2B CFO®, Glen is passionate about helping his clients identify strategies to attain financing for business working capital, improve pricing strategies, and execute prudent cost structures including effective compensation plans in order for his clients to achieve successful profitable growth.
Glen embraces his clients culture. He focuses time on the root cause of key drivers. He excels in applying fundamental blocking and tackling cash flow and profitability management. For one client he identified the impact of current market conditions on pricing and gross profit margins and influenced its investors and bank to focus on prudent expectations and targets despite a disappointing prior year. Glen identified the root cause of poor gross profit margins for another client during a six month period enabling understanding the cause had been resolved and implemented tracking to ensure timely reliable monitoring of key drivers. 
Glen also guided a fledgling business owner to develop a strategic plan and attract investors to provide working capital to launch the new plan.  Glen also influenced a client to appreciate and execute a factoring facility that enabled profitably doubling the Company’s business volume with its primary customer.
CFO Glen Katlein earned his MBA specializing in Corporate Finance from the University of Dallas. He earned his BBA in Accounting, graduating cum laude, from Eastern Michigan University.