The Buyer's Scam | Andy Gole

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Can I invite you to come in and give me a presentation?

Andy Gole - Founder of Urgency Based Selling®

Very often, when a buyer reaches out to you, invites you in for the first time, it's a price check to find out, have they been buying well. Now, if a buyer called you and said, "Hey Bob, would you come in and spend 10 hours getting to understand my business, and then giving me a proposal so I could turn to Jane and beat the living heck out of her and get her price down," you wouldn't find that motivating. You wouldn't comply. So buyers are sophisticated. Here's what they do. 

They call you on the phone and they say, "Bob, I know you've been trying to get my business for some time, I'm sure it's been frustrating, and you probably also know it's because Jane's my gal, she supplies me with the product you supply, but something's gone wrong in the last six months. Jane, she's not responding in a timely way to phone calls and there are unexplained charges on invoices. I think something's gone out of the relationship. Bob, I've heard great things about you in the marketplace. I think this is your year. Can I invite you to come in and give me a presentation?" 

Now, that second presentation by a buyer, that sounded better to you, right? But it wouldn't be so good if the buyer took your proposal and used it to beat the living heck out of Jane. That's what we call the buyer's scam, and a critical question for you early in the selling process is, is this a real opportunity or is this the buyer's scam? Which is it? Would you like to know how to tell the difference? Give me a call.


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