What Were They Thinking...a 7AM class? | Andy Gole

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There's a course you've been dying to take, for a couple of years, and it's only offered at 7:00 AM

Andy Gole, founder of Urgency Based Selling®

You're registering for your last semester in college. There's a course you've been dying to take, for a couple of years, and it's only offered at 7:00 AM, but 10:00 AM is early for you. What were they thinking? Maybe something like this happened to you, or someone you know; what would you do? Maybe you get up, you suck it up, you get up at 6 o'clock and you take the course. Maybe you stay up through the night, graveyard shift, take the course and then you go to sleep. If you were like me, you would try to get the university to change the time they offer the course.

So you make an appointment to see the professor. You wake up in your dorm room, it's a reasonable hour, and all of a sudden you pause as you're getting dressed, and you wonder, "Am I crazy? I'm bucking the system." And the butterflies that start in your stomach are like a tsunami by the time you get to the administration building. You ride the elevator up to the 20th floor, walk to the professor's door. You hear her voice coming through the door, you have your hand on the door, and you freeze. You're paralyzed. 

Aren't there moments, we're on the brink of great things, and fear chokes us? But not this time. You're bold, you push through the door, and now you're face to face with the professor. You take a moment to notice your surroundings. There are books on bookshelves lining the walls from the ceiling to the floor, you hear a bird cooing through an open window. The professor asks you, "How can I help you?" Now, what's gonna happen if you say to the professor, "This course you're offering is at 7 o'clock and I sleep to 10:00, do you mind changing the course so I could sleep late?" That's not gonna play well, right?

So you look at it from her point of view, and you say, "You know, this course that's offered at 7 o'clock in the morning, my friends and I would like to take it, but it's too early. It's not a required course, and so, if you offer it at 7:00 AM you may not get enough registration, and the university will drop the course, and that's a bad thing. So how about changing it to a later hour, like noon?" And then you're quiet. You watch a range of emotions play over the professor's face. Interest, curiosity, incredulity, amusement. The bird outside the window stops cooing, as if it realizes the importance of the moment. And then the professor smiles, and she says, "You know, it makes sense." Wow, she changed the time the course is offered so you could sleep late. 

So there are three takeaways to this story. First, anything's possible. If you put your mind to it, you can get it done. Second, bold vision, bold behavior. If you're not accomplishing something that's important to you, ask yourself this question: Were you bold enough with your vision? Bold enough with your behavior? Third takeaway, self reliance. If something's important to you, you have to take responsibility for getting it done.


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