JumpCart feature accelerates checkout on ECinteractive

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ECinteractive continues to find ways to enhance the online shopping experience. With our JumpCart barcode scanner package you can transfer your selections directly to your cart for review & checkout, saving time and money. When items are scanned with a fob-sized JumpCart scanner and uploaded into the company’s ECinteractive system, emails are automatically sent to supervisors and ultimately the CFO for approval. When the system receives the approvals, the order is processed, thus eliminating paperwork and expediting the order process.

Your Local Business Products Partner

ECinteractive understands your business because we are trusted partners in your community. We not only have access to one of the most powerful online web storefronts, but can service your needs as a trusted adviser because we understand your local community and business.

Our Web Storefront

ECinteractive is ECi’s next generation Web storefront application. It runs on a platform designed from the ground up to provide dealers with a significant advantage in competing for online business.

Customers find the innovative design and function very user-friendly.  ECinteractive also offers powerful search features, improved purchasing control and robust integration with your ECi business system. ECinteractive also incorporates advanced technologies like AJAX, Microsoft’s latest SQL Server database architecture, and the Microsoft® .NET programming framework.

The world-class search features makes buying easier for your customers. ECi worked closely with S.P. Richards and United Stationers to provide greatly enhanced search capabilities. United Stationers SmartSearch and S.P.Richards' Enhanced Content both let dealers offer their customers significantly better search capabilities. Benefits include powerful new search refinements to locate the best product choices, expanded categories to aid catalog browsing, and other shopping features such as side-by-side product comparisons and richer product detail. Product selling points, detailed attributes, warranty information, and alternative product choices will aid purchasers in making educated buying decisions.

 United Stationers SmartSearch

S.P.Richards Enhanced Content