Time capsule container recovered at Old Parkland Hospital

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Time Capsule Container Video | Old Parkland Hospital

As reported by DallasNews.com:

The crowd that gathered around the front of the Old Parkland Hospital on Thursday could have been re-enacting a scene from almost a century ago. Back in 1913, Dallas public officials and business leaders were on hand for the laying of the cornerstone of the new public hospital. Inside they placed a copper box filled with documents. 

On Thursday, the battered time capsule was removed from the landmark's foundation for the first time. Inside were the crumbling remains of some letters and two mostly intact newspapers.

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John H. SlateDallas City Archivist  

I think it’s delightful that Crow Holdings chose to commemorate the reopening of this wonderful structure by taking a careful look at the cornerstone and the contents of the cornerstone.  It’s a fitting tribute to a beautiful building that once again is living and will serve many people.  

Cornerstones are, of course, very important to Masons because it represents the foundation.  It is the foundation of a building and architecture, but it’s also a sound foundation morally and socially.  

Leonard Harvey, Former Grandmaster Mason-Grand Lodge of Texas:

I’m just totally amazed at what has happened to this area.  The coal companies have done a marvelous job in preserving things and yet making the old look better, I guess is what I’m trying to say.  

John H. Slate:

As you can see, they put copies of the dueling dailies there … the Dallas Times Herald and Dallas Morning News, March 18th, 1913. 

This was the report of the city health officer for 1913 which has the number of animals in the city and the number of deaths in the city.  It also appears that there might have been some letters, maybe of congratulation, and there appear to be a couple of business cards … one from the architect of the building, the architecture firm, Hubbell & Greene.  

Obviously, they chose a good building to honor because of what’s happened recently with it and the fact that it’s survived for nearly a hundred years.