Old Parkland Hospital Video | A Place of Dallas History

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Old Parkland Hospital Video | A Place of Dallas History

Old Parkland Hospital was founded in 1894, at a time when Dallas was young and their full potential had yet to be understood. In the ensuing decades, Dallas began to grow not only in population, but in influence.

By 1913, the original wooden structure had been deemed inadequate for the medical needs of the community, and a gleaming new building was opened, immediately becoming the most modern medical facility in the region. At a time when Dallas was beginning to gain its legs, Parkland Hospital became an important symbol of progress and a harbinger for the future.

History forms the foundation for the future. Old Parkland's history, inextricably tied to the City of Dallas, is rooted in a commitment to innovation and to the community. Those who work at Old Parkland find themselves among others who carry this tradition forward.

Originally a teaching hospital, Old Parkland always had a unique connection with those who worked inside. The passion, dedication, and determination of these people still echo in the walls of the buildings, inspiring those who now walk their halls.

The Old Parkland Campus is more than just a space. It is a living, breathing community. Beyond the individual trees and buildings, tenants and staff, that gives the campus its unique atmosphere is the way that these elements intermingle, how they occupy their physical space and contribute to a greater whole.

In 2008, prior to relocation of Crow Holdings headquarters, a reception was held for many of the doctors, nurses and nursing students who lived and worked at Old Parkland Hospital. Tours were conducted so those in attendance were first to see its renovation. That day, and for over a year, video oral history sessions were conducted to preserve the memories and perspective of those who lived and worked there. 

Old Parkland Hospital Alumni participants

Martha Bledsoe Sanford | Parkland School of Nursing 1953-1956
Dr. Margie Ferrell Roper | Old Parkland Hospital 1943
Gwyn Wilson Montrose | Parkland Nursing School 1943-1955
Dr. Ronald Garvey | Parkland Hospital 1953
Lillian Holzman Foster 1950-1954
Barbara Gray | Parkland Nursing School 1953-1956
Bettye J Spillman Henderson | Parkland Nursing School 1945-1955
Fay Elise Higgins King | Parkland Nursing School 1948-1951
Virginia Lawrence Fieszel | Old Parkland Hospital 1949
Betty L Goodell Johnson | Parkland Nursing School 1948-1951
Marie Groh Libby | Parkland Nursing School 1951-1954
Dr. Charles Bell | Old Parkland Hospital 1952-1956
Linda Hendrix Harper Toth | Parkland Nursing School 1951-1954
Vivian Meadows Mobley | Parkland Nursing School 1947-1953
Dr. George Boswell | Old Parkland Hospital 1946-1955
Frieda Galipp | Parkland School of Nursing 1944-1947
Betty Sanders Perry | Parkland School of Nursing 1948-1954
Nancy K Wallace Trantham | Parkland School of Nursing 1938-1940
Peggy Hirth Petty | Parkland Nursing School 1953-1956
Dr. George Shropulos | Old Parkland Hospital 1953
Dr. Hal Urschel | Old Parkland Hospital 1963
Helen C. Dunkin | Parkland Hospital 1943 - 1962
Marty Dunkin McMillan | Daughter of Nurse Helen C. Dunkin
Laverne Holman Foster | Parkland Nursing School 1950 - 1954
Dr. John Denman | Old Parkland Hospital 1955 – 1956
Dr. James Holman | Old Parkland Hospital  1943 – 1945
Craig Holcomb | Former Dallas City Council Member