Folklore documentary video about Old Parkland Hospital

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Folklore documentary video about Old Parkland Hospital

This folklore documentary video about Old Parkland Hospital was commissioned by Crow Holdings. Interviews were conducted with Old Parkland Hospital alumni doctors, nurses, nursing students and faculty.

Laverne Holman Foster | Parkland Nursing School | 1950 – 1954

One time the doctors were making rounds and they went into this patient’s room and before they could even ask the patient how she was doing or anything, she started complaining about the food that she got for breakfast. The doctor said, “OK, well, we’ll take care of that,” and he picked up the tray and went out in the hall and ate it.

Dr. John Denman | Parkland Hospital 1955 - 1956

Nothing was air conditioned in those days. They got air conditioning for the surgery suites, but even at that time, they had to open the windows and the doctors would operate in their underwear and just try to stay as cool as they could.

Barbara Gray | Parkland Nursing School 1953 - 1956

One night, a patient jumped out of the labor room window. At that time, we just had screens with latches and, of course, no air conditioning. We rushed down and they sent … they’d already called the emergency room. Got her to the emergency room and they pronounced her dead. A doctor grabbed a knife off of a trach tray, opened her up, and delivered a viable baby.

Dr. Ronald Garvey | Parkland Hospital 1953

One evening, I remember there was somebody came in from the door outside the emergency room and said, “Doctor, doctor, come quick. There’s a lady having a baby.” I said, “Well, get the … can’t we get it in here.” “Well, the baby’s not … it’s coming out backwards.” I said, “Oh, I’ll be right over.” I delivered my first baby out here, next door to the street.

Bettye J. Spillman Henderson | Parkland Nursing School 1945 - 1955

We had lots of fun. Nurses nowadays ask, “Well, what did you have that was fun?” I said, “Well, for one thing, we didn’t have every weekend off, we didn’t have holidays off, and we had bed checks every night. We had many rules and regulations, and that was the point of our fun was to see every time we had a new rule who could break it first and not get caught.”

Craig Holcomb | Former Dallas City Council Member

We forget that old Parkland Hospital was a women’s prison at one point and I remember coming here when it was a women’s prison because I had a relative who was incarcerated here, and walking down the halls to visit her.

Dr. Marjorie Farrell Roper | Parkland Hospital 1943

For entertainment, once in a while, we’d go to a movie. We didn’t have time. We walked, some of the nurses and I and some of the other guys ... We’d walk over to Love Field and watch the airplanes coming in. That was our main diversion.

Marty Dunkin McMillan | Daughter of Nurse Helen C. Dunkin

My impression of Parkland growing up was that it’s … it was bigger than life. Parkland was the place that had the reputation. Parkland was the hospital of note. It was Parkland that you would want to work for. It was Southwestern that you would want to go to.

Lore documentary video about Old Parkland Hospital

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