Urgency Based Selling


Create Urgency / Avoid Interest

Imagine you are facing a sales crisis – to survive, you must find a way to penetrate a mature, or even declining, market by overcoming an entrenched incumbent supplier of a very competitive product. What would you do? Andy Gole faced this exact crisis in the 1980’s.

To survive, he developed the core ideas of the Urgency Based Selling® system. He needed to act on a “do or die” basis and create a sense of urgency in the prospect – a compelling reason to act now. Which he did successfully. Since 1995, Andy has offered his winning formula to multitude of companies in a variety of industries. The results? Consistent success to those that embrace the core principles.

Do you feel stuck because your sales force doesn't create a sense of urgency with your prospects?

Do you feel that prospects would be better off aligning with your business but they just don’t know how to say “YES!”

Interest is great but without Urgency the results will continue to be inadequate closing ratios and longer selling cycles.