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Why Is VIDEO So Important for Marketing Your Business?

This video discussion between Ron Books, CEO of ECi Software Solutions, and Ross R. Mason, CEO of Motion Media Solutions, was conducted and produced in the Fall, 2011. 

Today I'm here with Ross R. Mason who is the CEO of Motion Media Solutions.

Motion Media Solutions is a video production agency that ECi has partnered with over the last four, five years. It actually started back where we would use them for our convention but as you can see it has grown into so much more. The main reason for that is that the end consumer is actually looking for video more and more as a medium for their information to learn more about your products, your services, you company. Based on that, we thought it would be a good idea to actually educate our customers on how they can use video to be more successful in their business.

Ross, can you explain what has happened over the last several years that has actually caused this medium to be so important?

You bet Ron, we appreciate the opportunity. One of the most important drivers for this to be so possible and prevalent today as an option for individuals and also for businesses is the access to bandwidth, broadband, that so many Internet users have today. The trends on that access have gone anywhere from 20 percent in the early 2000 period to now well over 85 percent. That access has made it possible for people to watch video online and more and more people are able to use it. Also you have got the cost of production coming down with greater and greater technology options available. 

And I would imagine that the expansion of social media has to have played a role in some of this importance.

Absolutely. As people share things online and work and interact with friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, all of that has driven a great deal of activity, and certainly this is the primary type of content that people are sharing and publishing online. And the numbers are pretty dramatic. Just this last month alone there were over a 176 million people who viewed video online. And they viewed over 6 billion of them. So these are individuals, they are professionals, they are businesses, in whatever platform they are accessing and that's a lot of video.

How does video compare to just standard text as it pertains to Google in rankings and such?

That's a really important factor. About 24 months ago, because of all of this activity with social media, with video, the search engines began to index all of that information that is public, all of that content whether it's photos, whether it's video, what have you and so because of that, when people are searching two things are possible. The search engines can return video with their search and they are actually ranking it higher because of its form in terms of that, as well as the fact that more and more people are actually requesting that their search be exclusively on video, and so whether it's going straight to Google and requesting a video search or a lot of people are going straight to the video sharing platforms, they are searching straight on YouTube or other platforms.

So all of that means that when people are searching for your business or for information about a product or a service that you provide, it is going to be an important factor in whether or not you show up.

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Motion Media Solutions is a video production company in Dallas, TX producing smart business video to present yourself. To learn more, connect with Ross R. Mason.

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Ross R. Mason is a seasoned corporate executive with entrepreneurial experience dedicated to creating new business value. He is accelerating the use of online video by mainstream business professionals using unique talents developed while serving in C-level positions in technology, sales and marketing, and customer service. As CEO of Motion Media Solutions, he designed as a smart video network for businesses, nonprofits and professionals to present yourself using online video and encourages smart business video on his blog, engaging:VIDEO

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