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Don Parr—Artist’s Bio/Statement

Don Parr is a Dallas financial advisor and artist.  While living in New York City in the 1970s, he was inspired by the contemporary artists in the abstract impressionist, minimalist and color field genres and created his first paintings.  After a 35-year hiatus he returned to his art, using color field and abstract impressionist techniques with aviation themes. Many of his current works employ aluminum panels and constructions with aircraft designs and are the focus of his 2012 show, Vectors, at The Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas.

Parr’s works portray the functional aesthetics of aircraft design —an elegant balance of strength, weight, and aerodynamic efficiency. His art captures the essence of this balance with artistic abstraction that facilitates appreciation of the underlying uncontrived, pure aesthetics. He focuses on early airplanes with fabric covered wood frames as well as those with all-metal construction with riveted aluminum panels. Parr constantly seeks new methods to celebrate this extraordinary expression of function rarely found in man-made products.