Texas Schools Pipeline Safety Effort

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Help accelerate school pipeline safety in Texas

Texas has the largest pipeline infrastructure in the nation, with more than 431,997 miles of pipeline., nearly 17% of the total pipeline mileage in all United States. 

Yet, pipelines are often overlooked by schools when assessing risk and developing emergency plans… until NOW!

The School Pipeline Safety Partnership, a collaboration of the Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation and the Pipeline Association for Public Awareness, is joining forces with the Texas School Safety Center to fill the gap in pipeline safety and planning resources available to school officials across the state of Texas.

This first-of-its-kind effort aims to increase school pipeline emergency preparedness across the state by including this critical subject matter in the mainstream with other school emergency planning topics where it belongs.

These state-specific pipeline safety resources are tailored for school officials of all kind, and are positioned to make Texas Schools a safer place for students, faculty, busses, and communities when it comes to co-existing with pipelines each day. 


Key messages:

* How to recognize temporary and permanent pipeline markers

* Common pipeline product characteristics 

* Physical indications of a pipeline leak

* Hazards associated with a pipeline leak 

* Proper actions to take in the event of a pipeline leak

* Advance preparedness and emergency planning

* Online pipeline mapping tools

* How to protect pipelines from damage and be vigilant of activity near pipelines on behalf of school safety 

* And how to obtain more information, access ongoing support, and stay connected


This macro-level approach provides pipeline safety through channels already being consumed by school officials for continued, ongoing education and emergency planning offered by the Texas School Safety Center including:

* Online toolkits

* Educational videos

* 20 Regional workshops

* State conferences

* And eLearning 


You can help us make this effort an ongoing success by becoming a sponsor. Safety resources, trainings and tools provided by the Texas School Safety Center and the School Pipeline Safety Partnership alike, are at NO COST to school officials. However, your public awareness funds can support the Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundations costs to provide and perform this outreach. This includes expenses associated with development and continuous enhancements, travel, speaking, printing, supplies, and administration.

As a sponsor of the Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation, you will receive documentation from approximately 20 regional safety workshops, and statewide safety conferences, as well as engagement and data from online toolkit use, video views, demographics, and downloads. 

Are you ready to move your school pipeline safety efforts to the fast lane?

Pledge your support now for 2017 programming and help accelerate school pipeline safety in Texas!