EnerplatPro for Energy Technology Ventures

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EnerplatPro for Energy Technology Ventures

Technology is becoming the backbone of the oil and gas industry, says Geoffroy Paixach, Founder and President of EnerplatPro (www.enerplatpro.com). 

EnerplatPro is an independent service company in the Upstream Oil and Gas segment. Its new partnership program leverages a worldwide network of independent industry consultants and technology companies. The overall objective is to simultaneously propose effective route to market for the technology startups while creating a gateway to innovation for the large service companies and operators. 

Startups Lead Energy Technology Ventures

Nobody can ignore the contribution of technology in recent developments:

  • unconventionals
  • deep off-shore
  • mature field development
  • enhanced oil recovery

These technologies are not only coming from the big players, but there is a global trend where an ever growing number of small, medium-sized companies, even startups, are bringing innovation.

EnerplatPro Clears Obstacles to Innovation

The challenge of technology companies is the cost, and the time it takes to bring to market their products and services. End users have the difficulty to identify, assess, and deploy these new technologies. 

Matchmaker for Energy Technology Ventures

We connect innovative technologies with energy end users. We have developed a platform that enables end users to post a request for a specific technology. This request is then matched to potential technologies.

Why EnerplatPro

EnerPlatPro is more than a platform. It’s a global network of technical associates, with extensive oil and gas experience. We are independent. We will treat your request confidentially, and we are cost effective.

EnerPlatPro is connecting innovative technology to the oil and gas industry.

To get started, you can register online or contact one of our many associates and start the conversation.