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Aerospace Optic
s is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of lighted pushbutton switches, indicators and electro-optical, programmable displays. The company is well known for innovation, and world class customer service providing products and services that have revolutionized the aviation, aerospace and defense industries.Over the years, Aerospace Optics has made great strides in product development. For instance, it introduced one of the first lighted pushbutton switches that was readable in direct sunlight. This lighted push button switch made flying safer. Aerospace Optics was also a leader in developing one of the first switches to use an integrated LED lighting source, replacing incandescent bulbs as the industry standard; and it established a filtering technology that allowed both NVIS-compliant lighting and sunlight readability.These technologies paved the way for additional innovations such as the VIVISUN 5000, which is an electro-optical display switch system also offering NVIS-compatible, and sunlight-readable lighting.  The VIVISUN LED, a dedicated lighted pushbutton switch which is virtually maintenance-free; and Aerospace Optics’ latest breakthrough: the, VIVISUN LOGIC SERIES Electronic Latching switch and Pulse/Timer switch. The VIVISUN LOGIC Series is a component of the VIVISUN Multi Function Body (MFB) line of advanced switches. The LOGIC SERIES is the first of its kind with an integrated electronic circuit designed to replace traditional holding coils or magnetic latching switches and depending on the specified features can sense a variety of electronic edges and produce conditioned and timed pulsed outputs. These features bring unique functionality internal to the switch eliminating the need for external circuit components.

In addition to product innovation and lighted pushbutton switches, Aerospace Optics is committed to setting the standard for world-class customer service and fast delivery. Starting with the VIVISUN Configurator, an online tool that enables customers to specify switches, request quotations and access their parts history.

Advancements such as these have helped Aerospace Optics build its reputation as one of the world’s foremost producers of MIL-SPEC qualified and DO-160 compliant pushbutton switches and indicator displays.

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