Social responsibility for education is the bottom line at Parker

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Social Responsibility | | Parker School Uniforms


Social Responsibility is serious business at Parker, because we believe we can do well and do good ... building a strong business while also making a positive contribution to our world.

There are three responsibilities we take especially seriously ...

  1. First is the responsibility to be good stewards of our environment.
  2. Second is our responsibility to support humane working conditions and fair labor practices.
  3. Finally, we have a responsibility to our communities. 


Troy Pike, President/CEO:      We take the clothing question off the table at our schools. It's really kind of cool to see these little toddlers, especially, who go to these pre-K schools, and you know, when they put their uniform on they're so proud. I mean they're like a big kid, all of a sudden going to school and they know to behave differently.

Mike Porter, Vice President - Sourcing:     What we're trying to do is to provide uniforms to kids to keep their minds focused on school; not on what's the latest fashion, or the latest logo, or how much did you pay for something? We don't want the kids thinking about what they have to put on in the morning and judging each other when they get there to school. They typically allow the childrens' minds to focus on  the school environment, the learning environment, and to me that's probably unspoken value proposition of school uniforms.

Troy Pike:     The way that we look at is we have a responsibility to that school and to every child in that school to be in a quality well-fit uniform on the first day of school. 

Mike Porter:     Uniforms are way, way beyond just how do I look and whatever. They're about how do I feel, they're about how do I learn, they're about how I interact with my community.

Troy Pike:      I think the relationships that we have with our schools and with the families in our schools is what has made us a special company, and that's what makes us a partner as opposed to a vendor. You know, we're involved in the day-to-day happenings at a school, so we help sponsor golf events, if they have a child in need we provide scholarship uniforms for those children in need. It's something that is one of our core principles, as a business, is that we support schools. 


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