School branding with Parker School Uniforms

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School Branding with Parker School Uniforms

School branding works because school uniforms instill pride.

They help students feel like they're part of something important, and worthwhile. They foster school spirit, and they build unity. Rather than sorting themselves into cliques and groups through "fashion statements," students who wear uniforms can better see and appreciate one another as equals, and come together more readily as a cohesive community.

Lucia Boss, Director of Product Development & Quality Assurance:  Every school is like having a unique client. Every product that we do is unique to them, whether it's a monogram or a silhouette, or a fabric, or a trim.

It's almost like a color-form kind of perspective. We can kind of piece together a whole collection for them. How will these kids be wearing it, what is the function of it. A lot of our schools really have an approach of a branding perspective, so it's understanding what their perspective is, and then building the collection for them.

Let's lower the armhole like a good three-eighth, and just kind of scoop into nothing at the across-front, it would give her better rotation once the blouse is on.

"Monogram came out really nice. I like how it came out."

Lucia: One of the things that we love about this particular part of the board is that there is sort of a uniqueness. One of the things that is important about school apparel is that it doesn't look boring in everyday, and that's one of the things that we kind of trend-watch, is to see what's happening at retail level. It's little things that you can do to a garment that specialize it, that make it unique for the school and make it unique for Parker. 

School Branding with Parker School Uniforms


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