Parker School Uniforms - A Cut Above The Rest

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Parker School Uniforms ...cut from a different cloth


Since 1931, we've been doing our best to be the best ... for every customer, every time. That's the cut of our cloth.

Troy Pike, President/CEO:  Parker surely is a service company, not a uniform company. We start with the customer and end with the customer. Everything that we design has that end customer in mind so they can focus on education.

Mike Porter, Vice President - Sourcing:  We're tailoring different silhouettes; whether it would be a jumper, a skirt, a culotte, a blouse, a polo shirt, there's pants and shorts, micro-fleece. We have sweaters, oxford shirts; but, we've got a variety of products for almost any school situation.

Troy Pike:  From a school's perspective it certainly helps them market their school.

Mike Porter: We will go to the ends of the earth to find the fabric, to find the best value proposition for the construction of the garments, for the lead times, for everything. 

Troy Pike: Our goal really is to let the customer deal with us in their way of choice, in their channel of choice. If they want to buy online we make the tools available for them to know how to fit clothes. It's not a consumer-grade product that you wear for a season or a few months and throw out. This has got to be a durable item that's going to have hand-me-down type quality; so it has to be really almost industrial strength. At the same time we're talking about kids, and kids who want to have comfort and run and play and really don't want to think about what they have on. So we've done a number of things with our uniforms, making them cotton-rich, but also having fibers that allow them to repel stains and keep their shape extremely well. 

We have more boots on the ground than any other company in this business. We have sales reps who go and call on these accounts and are in these schools every single day of the year. We have more stores and more people than any of our competitors, and we invest in more inventory.

Hi, welcome to Parker.

I need to get some school shirts.

What school?

Houston Christian

Troy Pike:  If you come into our store, and we don't have what you want, we will find it, we will make it, and we will ship it to you for free. So we will get you in clothes, and you know, it's our commitment that every student is going to have a quality well-fit uniform on the first day of school.