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An Innovator. A Problem Solver. A Developer. A Designer. I believe there is no problem that can’t be solved. Passion + Problem = Solution.

Engineers; we develop technology, design infrastructure, create eco-friendly solutions. Civil, aerospace, mechanical, environmental, electrical, chemical, structural, industrial. Engineers.

My work is exciting, challenging, satisfying. It’s never boring, but engaging.
We're behind the scenes, but always advancing the way we live.

I designed the car you drive, integrated the technology inside, enhanced the fuel that goes in the tank and created the tread for the tires and the road it drives on.

It’s not for everyone. Gotta love math, science, equations, solving, problems. I do.

1.8 million of us but room for more. Median salary, bachelors degree: $54,000, masters: $75,000.

I can, turn dreams into reality, simplify the complicated, make the impossible possible.

I work to make our homes, cities, states, countries, world a better place to live.

I am an Engineer.