Future of State Universities Conference

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A conference on the Future of State Universities was held in Dallas, TX on October 2011, hosted by Governor Jeb Bush, Governor Jim Hunt and Academic Partnerships.

The conference brought together thought leaders from across America and around the world, leadership of public universities, state governors and other policy makers, to discuss the emergence of new models that can help public universities flourish in the future.

Speakers addressed, with insight and directness, the core components that are changing the most from historic norms: tuition and sources of revenue, instructional delivery and the role of a professor, students’ expectations and access, college readiness, regulatory environment and internationalization. Courses of action were considered that will enable public universities to succeed in a new reality.

With the leadership from many of America's best known public universities in attendance, a number of speakers are using the Future of State Universities Conference to make important announcements.

The Conference Video

We have gathered here for a conversation about the future of public universities. We believe their future will be incredibly bright, but to flourish it must be different from the past and the present.

The present models that we have, the present platforms that we have, the present systems that we have, have taken us to where we are, and unless we can find a way to reorganize, restructure and move in new directions, we are not going to be able to get up to the next step.

Please join me in welcoming the former Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Tony Blair

I'd like to give my thanks to, obviously to Governor Bush, Governor Hunt, to Randy Best, Academic Partnerships and it's a real pleasure to be with you in Dallas, Texas and to address The Future of State Universities Conference.

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Michael Crow (President, Arizona State University), Dr. Steve Murdock (Professor, Rice University), U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Dr. Martha Kanter (Under Secretary for the U.S. Department of Education)

Please join me in welcoming, Sal Khan (Founder Khan Academy)

We are actually using technology to, as non-intuitive as it sounds, humanize the actual physical experience. You know we are growing so fast, we are 2.5 million, 3 million users per month right now. This time last year it was a million, so growing about three-fold a year. So there is a lot of people that you can immediately engage with.

Dr. Walter Bumphus (American Association of Community Colleges)

Dr. Ralph Wolff (President, WASC)

I don't think that our old traditional models of accreditation are going to work.

Dr. Belle Wheelan (President, SACS)

Dr. Francisco Cigarroa (Chancellor of the University of Texas System)

Anyone who is on a university campus clearly understands that our traditional revenue streams will not sustain our current models. 

Dr. Michael Wesch from Kansas State University

Almost the entire body of human knowledge