Realm of Influence through VIDEO

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A freight train's coming at you right now...called business video!

Hi, Vince Poscente here. We’re here to talk about how you can have instant impact and lasting influence especially through business video. 

If you want to be able to have impact and influence, understand that there is a freight train coming at you right now that is called business video. And business video is a way to communicate that is beyond our comprehension.

The realm of influence of the Gutenberg Press compared to online video...

Let’s go back to the 1400’s when the Gutenberg Press was invented. Prior to that, the written word wasn’t existing. People got messages verbally. And so the realm of influence was… let’s say that (see video diagram for the width of the realm of influence).

When the Gutenberg Press was invented, then the realm of influence grew to the point where you could communicate through the written word and have so much impact and influence on people on a broader scale. We are at the same inflection point with business video. The realm of influence that the written word has is dwarfed by the realm of influence that business video has.

Make yourself a student of how you can have Instant Impact and Lasting Influence through VIDEO and you will succeed professionally, personally and get across what you really want to get across to be.

Instant Impact & Lasting Influence
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