Seek the wisdom from above in pilgrimage of faith

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Scripture: James 3:1-10; 13-18

1.  Speech is a defining characteristic of the human animal.

James addressed negative speech: might refer to teachers not living up to teachings, cursing, or injustice. Christian speech should be a blessing. Mentioned before why humans are different from animals, but a sixth -- speech. It is a critical gene humans have. You might teach animals (birds or monkeys) to repeat sounds but they don’t understand grammar or syntax. Speech is a great gift from God.

2.  Speech has an enormous potential for evil.

James calls the tongue a rudder or flame, more used the greater chance for iniquity, infects the whole body. Speech causes harm in three ways: lies or gossip; truth can be harmful (you’re ugly or dumb); and unused. Express love to God and others. Matthew 12:36 Jesus also warns “I tell you on the day of judgment you will render an account of your words.” Three tests -- is it true, is it needful, is it kind.

3.  Seek the wisdom from above in pilgrimage of faith.

Show your works by your life; be pure, peaceable, willing to yield, full of mercy and good will, showing no partiality. Wisdom driven by love is our business. Imagine if we didn’t have speech...all Jesus’ words of hope to the world. Tremendous gift to be able to speak about Christ. Soren Kierkegaard said, “To be a Christian is to be so specific as to not be confused with anything else.” Know who you are.