Scripture is instruction for righteous living

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Scripture: 2 Chronicles 34:14-19; 29-33


1. The last Book of the Law is thought to contain Deuteronomy 12-26.

Not trapped by our genes or circumstances. Josiah’s father and grandfather where both evil kings, but he desired to know and worship God. Core doctrine of Old Testament: do away with pagan gods, do slaves justice, feasts, murder and trials, during war care for environment, marriage, adultery, justice and protection of weak, Israel to be people of God. It was a major loss to society when the Book disappeared.

2. The Book of the Law was ordered to be kept by the kings but had not been. They were a long time scripture-less.

King shall read book, not be arrogant, nor turn aside so he can live long in the land.  Evil kings had not followed law.  Symbol of God, the temple, had fallen into disrepair. If you forget the temple and God’s law, the community suffers. Josiah had a heart for God but was uninformed. He wished to be faithful and started to repair the house of the Lord at cost. He had a memory of God.

3. When Josiah heard from the Book, he instantly repented.

They found the Book in the wreckage and when Josiah heard the words of the Book, he rent his clothes, grieved that he had not done as kings should and repented immediately,  Characteristic of Bible -- it tells us when to repent and Josiah got the message, but did not stop with sadness.  He did something.  General rule, when you repent also take action. Josiah gathered everyone in Jerusalem and read the Bible to them.  Stood in his place and made a vow to worship God and all the people stood and promised to follow also. He got rid of the idols when he knew what to do. Bible tells us when to repent, listen, recommit to god and take action. Josiah was the second best king next to David and reigned 31 years.

4.  The aim of Biblical faith is for our lives to be a parable of the Word.

Lesson of Josiah was about the written Word. Transforming event was the English Bible authorized version that transformed the world, many died to make it so. It is amazing that we have the Bible available. Can’t be a full Christian without the Bible. “All scripture is available for instruction in righteous living.” Lived Word is crucial.  “We should each live our lives as a parable of the written Word,” said William Stringfellow.  Biblical faith distinguishes itself from all others because it insists on the presence of the Word of God. We have to live and be ready to speak on a moments notice the love of Christ.