Salvus (salvation) means healed or made whole

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Scripture: Mark 129-45

1.  Jesus repeatedly healed physical illness during His 3 years.

Always immediacy. Whenever Christ heals it should be followed by service from the healed. Healing of Simon’s mother who immediately got up and served them to the leper. Jesus shows His authority.

2.  Private prayer - alone - is required for a vibrant, powerful faith.

Jesus often went off by Himself, prayed and got direction. He said, “We will move on and share the message.”  Author Reynolds Price, “since adolescence short or long prayers have always been a reflex for me.” Private prayer inspires, directs and gives peace. God is in the one-on-one business.

3.  In serious illness humans look for hope and the ultimate hope is God.

Price after a spinal tumor left him paralyzed, “Never doubted for even an hour that I belong to God and he was watching me.”  Later he had a vision of being with Jesus who baptized him and said, “Your sins are forgiven.” Price asked, “cured.” Christ, “that too.”  He lived...paralyzed, and in a second vision “How much more?” and the voice said, “more!” In many calmer hours to come Price’s response was “bring it on!” With Christ we can handle anything. 

4. Salvus, the root word of salvation, means healed or made whole.

Great things flow from difficulties. In Jesus we are complete or not salvation at all. “Ultimate negativity” is Paul Tillich’s term for exclusion from eternity. Jesus healed physically but He was really interested in spiritual eternity.