Primary sin has a way of returning

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Scripture: Daniel 5:1, 5, 6; 13-31

1. Thanks is enough for servant of God.  They do not wish to be paid for doing good.

The King was terrified by the ghostly hand that wrote on the wall, but he assumed he could buy the answer of what it meant. Bribed Daniel to get an answer, would make him the third highest man in kingdom. Daniel’s response “Let your gifts be for yourself...” Expect no pay for serving God. Daniel an onerocritic -- interpreter of dreams.

2. Primary sin has a way of returning.

Made an acknowledgement of rescue by God, but later reverts back to pride.  Walking on roof of palace said, “look at this great city I built.” Immediately a voice from heaven said, “your kingdom is gone.” King had a mental breakdown, went out and lived like an animal in the fields eating grass. Glory taken from him.  Jesus talks about the danger of recurring sin in Luke 18. Daniel said, “you have worshipped objects that know nothing, instead of the God who holds your very life in His hands.” 

3. A major chacteristic of Sin is mural dyslexia: inability to read the handwriting on the wall.

King not able or willing to read the writing that God puts on all our hearts and minds. Basic revelation. Those that are separated from God don’t get the message. “Your days are numbered, this God you don’t know has found you wanting, your kingdom will be divided.” Even after Daniel’s revelation, King assumes things will be the same, but that very night the Mede comes and kills him. His mural dyslexia was fatal. Eternal unworthiness has its penalties. Can stay blind in life, but not in death. There are moments in life when decisive action is needed. Repentance should not be postphoned, our own or others. Study, pray and tell the stories of God.