Prepare Yourself to Talk about Serious Questions

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Scripture: Luke 10:1-5; Acts 16:25-34; John 3:1-7

1.  The Gospel is a gospel.

Agents for God in the witnessing business share good news.  In a gloomy world agents of glad tidings is a high calling -- hope, joy, purpose and relationship with God.  High calling to make Christ known to people.  We elevate hope in life and after life.  Joyful business.

2.  Everything Christians do is a witness to the God of the Gospel.

Christ sent out 70 to go before him doing deeds and sharing words of witness to God. Travel light, carry no stuff, don’t be delayed by chit chat on the road. Don’t have time. Heal sick and tell them God is near. Don’t be shy about sharing the Word. I do this because Christ commands it and so you, like me, can share the relationship. Explanational and invitational.  Would you like to join us.

3.  The Gospel speaks to two major problems: an empty life and eternal life.

This is the way we work. Share personal witness, offer hard truth talk about sin or wrong choices, offer other witnesses (books, names, stories) and ask if they want to pray. Gospel always speaks to the fact that we do not cease to be. Jesus tells Nicodemus “Life has to change. Need to be born of water and spirit to enter the kingdom of God.” Gospel promises new life in time and after life. Stewards of witness want to make life clear to loved ones before they die.

4.  Witnessing is both planned and spontaneous.

Planned witness was 70 followers sent out to villages where He would come later. Knew what they were doing and going to say.  The jailer ask the question of questions? “Sirs what must I do to be saved?” Paul replies “believe in the Lord Jesus and He will save you and all your household.”  All are called to the question of witness. Be prepared with stories, Psalms or favorite verses of Scripture, other’s stories. Be serious about witness but remember a job to be Christ’s partner in witness.