Praise God for faithful who don’t allow fear to trump truth

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Scripture: Galatians 2: 11-21; 3: 28, 29

1.  Early biblical revelations superceded by later, more powerful revelations. 

First revelation Creation. Nature is not God, but created by God. Jerusalem Christians wanted to place Torah above Christ’s coming. Christ revealed how to live. 

2.  One cannot let fear trump truth, here the fear of ecclesiastical authority.

Original laws were to keep them faithful to God and separate from pagan cultures. Easier to say “I keep dietary laws than help the poor.” God declared all foods clean to Peter. Some believed ok for Gentiles to be saved but not to share a meal, Peter and Barnabas went along. Paul considered them hypocrites. Peter made a mistake here but was never afraid to preach the Gospel or die for Christ.

3.  Justification, forgiveness of sin, is vested in the Christ event, not the law.

Law and prophets were the forerunners to Christ’s grace. We know people are justified by faith in Christ not works, or who they eat with. Salvation is always unmerited love by God. Law is important for core issues -- love God, love neighbor and ten commandments. 

4.  The first question is not “What do you believe?” but “To whom do you belong?” The answer is “Christ.”

We live by faith when we belong to Jesus. There is a constant stream of righteousness and love that flows through Him into our hearts. Hope resides in us. Praise God for friends in the faith who don’t allow fear to trump truth...Christ is life on earth and in heaven.