People slide from faith. We are called to rescue.

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Scripture: James 5

1.  God is not against wealth, but He is resolutely against economic and social injustice.

James starts out like to be rich is a sin. Wealth is neither good or bad. Spiritually dangerous because it substitutes for God if primary focus or security. Jesus made it clear don’t store of treasures on earth but in heaven. From beginning to end God cries for justice...woe to those who make the poor suffer. God followers have two duties: fight evil and seek justice, salvation of immortal human souls. Jesus is ruthless in his comments about rich who disregard poor. No mercy for merciless. Passivity in the face of injustice is not acceptable to God or God-followers.

2.  Christians are to be patient and enduring in the faith.

Sometimes it takes a long while to come to God. Job took a long time, I had heard of thee, but now I see and repent. Remember prophets, Job, Keep the Fath, keep working and endure in the faith. Methusal tree 4470 years old lives in the most hostile environment -- brittle, cone but still fertile due to something inside.  Brittle cone Christians still fertile in old age or illness.

3.  Christians should use unadorned language -- yes and no.

Be clear - don’t swear, falsely or at all, Jesus said. But what you say be yes or no. Sterling self-evident truth and character who uses it. Nothing else. Integrity of one who speaks. Need to be trustworthy.

4.  Prayer is a constant need of Christians, for self and others.

Prayer is the answer. Sick pray, joyful praise, “Fervent prayer availeth much.” Ecstatic prayer is outside self seeing in God’s terms. Successful prayer is open to Holy Spirit and feels connected to God. Inner difference. Most prayer is spontaneous and situational. Formal prayers that speak better than you found in Psalm 61.

5.  People slide away from faith. We are assigned to rescue.

When anyone wanders from the truth and one brings him back, he will save his life from death and it will cover a multitude of sins. If you can’t believe anymore I know you care about others. Commit yourself to that and God will come back. Don’t want to be judgmental, just in the business of rescue. Brittle cone Christians.