Our business is to offer love and mercy, not judgment

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Scripture: James 2:1-13

1.  Don’t judge.

Be aware as you travel through life. Go away from those who intend harm but don’t judge people by looks or behavior. Separating thoughts blind us to people who are loved by God. They are worthy of the cross but not worthy in our minds. Who comes to our door anonymously?  If we take the name Agape/Christian it has responsibility. We make I AM statements when we look for places and people to help...we serve Christ. Moments of rare beauty, light and connections appear even in sadness, displacement, sickness or death. There are many strong people with us in the work and the blessings come back, and come back, and come back.

2.  Love your neighbor as your self.

This is the Royal commandment. “Love one another and by this all men will know you are my disciples. I gave you an example.” Jesus said do love -- being and practicing this faith.  If judgmental about others we are probably judgmental about self, seeing our failures instead of our gifts. This radical religion frees us to love and discard our perceived selves to find mercy, love others and serve Christ.

3.  Mercy triumphs over judgement.

What measure of mercy we use will be the measure of mercy we receive. To love is a verb and its an action. The Bible doesn’t talk about outcomes or results, that’s God’s business. Our business is to offer love, mercy and The Good News of Christ to any in need.