Money: God rejoices in those who give

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Scripture: Matthew 6:19-21, 24; Mark 12:41-44; Luke 19:1-10

1.  God’s gifts to us can be transformed to gifts to God.

God is first cause and differs from everything else. He is unlimited. Does not change. All gifts come from Being Itself. Natural response is Thank You and give back. Humans have potential. Wants us to be one with Him, filled with Spirit and His aims. He gives us talents to use. Give away gets bigger. 

2.  The church must be a counter-cultural community about money.

Lay up treasures in heaven, where all that we have is for the glory of God. We are not like culture around us. Storms, bank failures, death. Money is fragile. Only safe place for money is ministries of poor, hungry and lost. Church must be counter-cultural or it betrays Christ. 

3.  Greatest love gifts of money to God flow from absence of discretionary income.

Discretionary income – after paying food, shelter, education, transportation, etc. what is left over. Jesus watched treasury and He is watching us. Call disciples come look. Widow gave out of poverty. Jesus watching her loved her for it. Sacrificial giving is serious. 

4.  Greatest functional gifts of money flow from Christ followers with wealth. 

Jesus loved widow, but also loved Zaccheus. He gave half away and replaced four fold. He’s a Son of Abraham and I came to save him. God rejoices in God followers who give. All kinds of voices calling you – find God’s. The place God calls you is where your deep gladness meets the world’s greatest need.