Live in Christ’s light and discover what God wants for you

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Scripture: Ephesians 1:1-14

Special thanks to Mike Foster for teaching the lesson.

I.  Mystery of Salvation.

Paul talks about how we are suppose to live. Early in the Church there is still hostility between Jews and Gentiles and followers of different disciples.  

II.  Exhortation.

Paul wants them (and us) to know how to live.

A. Unity of the Spirit.

One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God, Father of all, over all and connected through the Holy Spirit. We come to unity through Christ. When we put our diverse gifts together we can accomplish anything.

B. New life in Christ. 

We must give up our old life. No more lies, speak truth, never let sun set on anger, guard against false talk, do good to listeners, avoid spitefulness, be friends, be kind, forgive one another...try to imitate God.  

C. Morals of the home (relationships).

Husbands love your wives, sacrifice to make her holy, the two become one body, joined together. When divorce occurs it tears the two apart and the terrible pain of it makes people act badly. They must get through the pain to the other side before things get better.

D. Spiritual war (against sin).

Paul recognizes internal struggle. If there are times when you feel bad, sad, guilty, that is not weakness, but sign of a true Christian...God in you. We are blessed by God. Saints with gifts try to live life in Christ’s light and discover what God wants for them. Love sacrificially. Rely on God to protect and depend on the Holy Spirit for support.