Jesus uses ordinary events to teach lessons

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Scripture: John 13: 1-20

Buddy Jordan taught in Dr Foster’s absence.

Last Supper

1. Jesus’ love knows no limits and His central aim is for us to understand so we can believe.

He gave many signs but still no total belief. Knowing He was going to God He could have been arrogant or proud but chose to love. 

2. Love is service.

Was slave’s position to wash the feet. Jesus shows true service in an ordinary event. The foot washing represents washing for repentance for recurring sin (our initial baptism was cleansing once for all).

3. Jesus uses evil acts to open his followers’ eyes. 

Foretelling of betrayal may have been the hardest thing up till this point for them to believe. Jesus wanted to ensure the disciples’ eventual belief so he uses this foreknowledge so they will look back some day and know. Jesus could have been bitter but chose love.

4. Jesus wants us to be armed with fidelity when we go out into world to bring others into the flock. 

We stand for him so Jesus wants us to know for an absolute certainty that He is who He says He is (using the foreknowledge of betrayal and foot washing). Jesus uses ordinary events (sharing bread and foot washing at a meal) to teach extraordinary lessons.